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inkpop Glossary of Terms

Posted by inkpop on September 29, 2009


inkpop Member: Anyone can sign up to be a member of the inkpop community. When you register, you’ll create a user name. Be careful when creating this user name — it’s a multipurpose moniker that will be used on your profile, as a byline (in the case that you submit writing projects), in Forums, and as the name you’ll use to provide feedback to inkpop authors.

Trendsetter: inkpop Trendsetters make the site go round and have the ability to become the most influential members of the inkpop community. Any inkpop member can become a Trendsetter — Trendsetters actively read inkpop projects, provide constructive feedback to authors, and select their favorite projects by adding them to their Picks lists. The key to becoming a Trendsetter is being a pioneer — if you select a popular project before it becomes popular, your Trendsetter ranking rises. Each month, the inkpop blog profiles a top Trendsetter.

Editorial Board: The official crew of HarperCollins editors who read and provide feedback on inkpop’s five Top Picks at the end of each month. Visit the inkpop blog to read profiles of Editorial Board members.


Blog (you’re on it!): The inkpop WordPress blog includes teen publishing news and trends, valuable advice from published authors, and profiles of rising teen talent and inkpop’s top Trendsetters.

Full Pitch: The longer version of the Short Pitch, the Full Pitch can be a maximum of 200 words and appears on every project’s page. Think of the Full Pitch as the compelling description you’d find on the back cover of a published book.

Pick: a writing project that you like and have selected from inkpop’s submissions, which include books, short stories, essays, and poems. Each project page includes an “Add to My Picks” button located in the right-hand toolbar. You may have a total of five Picks on your Picks list and may change your Picks as many times as you like. The only catch is that once you have made a Pick, you must wait 24 hours before you may remove it from your Picks list.

Project: an inkpop submission, which can be a book, short story (fiction), personal essay (nonfiction), or poem.

Rank: Every project is ranked in the inkpop system and depends on members adding it to their Picks lists. The more people recommend a book and the greater those recommenders’ Trendsetter ranking, the higher the project ranking it will achieve. When you visit a project’s page, below the project’s cover image, you will see the word “Rank” followed by two numbers. The first number refers to a project’s ranking on the Top Picks chart, measuring its all-time popularity against other projects on inkpop. The number in parentheses refers to how far the project has risen or fallen since this time last week.

Short Pitch: The blurb or tagline that each project’s author writes to entice readers to review his or her work. A Short Pitch is usually a couple of sentences (no more than 25 words) that summarizes or describes the project and surfaces in keyword searches related to the project.

Tags: Keywords that describe the content and themes of an inkpop project. Tags have been entered by the project’s author and help inkpop users to find projects based on topics of interest.

Top Picks: The top five most popular inkpop projects. At the end of each month, each of the five Top Picks will be read and reviewed by the inkpop Editorial Board.

Watch List: Think of your Watch List as your inkpop “to-do” list. Use the Watchlist to store projects that you want to make note of and come back to later or re-read. Each project page includes a “Add to Watch List” button located in the right-hand toolbar. You may store up to 30 projects on your Watchlist and, if you wish, you may promote any project from your Watch List to your Picks list. No one can view your Watch List but you.

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