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Ready for L.A. Candy the movie?

Posted by inkpop on October 1, 2009

Lauren Conrad, the former star of The Hills and Laguna Beach, is proving herself to be quite a businesswoman — first a hit reality TV show, then a book deal, and now a movie.laurenconradlacandybook

In June, Conrad released her best-selling novel, L.A. Candy, about Jane Roberts, a 19-year-old intern and reality TV star living it up in Hollywood. L.A. Candy is the first installment of a trilogy for HarperCollins.

Conrad is slated to help shape the script and will serve as executive producer through her company Blue Eyed Girl Productions. Temple Hill Entertainment (which produced The Twilight Saga films) has acquired the film rights to L.A. Candy.

As of October 1, Conrad hasn’t announced whether she’ll play the lead character or if the producers will cast an actress for the film adaptation. On October 1, she also released her fashion line for Kohl’s. What’s next for the LC Empire?

inkpop Forums topic: Who do you think should star in L.A. Candy?

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