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inkpopper of the Week: ashleybianca

Posted by inkpop on October 20, 2009

Ashley Madau (aka “ashleybianca”) has been an inkpop leader from the get-go. When inkpop launched beta in early October 2009, Madau networked and promoted her way to the top—her paranormal romance book, Morningside, has ranked at the peak of Top Picks for nearly a month. Ashley

A college sophomore in Michigan, Madau’s growing-up experience taught her how to stand out in a crowd. She graduated from one of America’s largest high school’s (Plymouth-Canton Educational Park), which has more than 6,000 students. “I am the first generation of my family born outside of Romania—and, unfortunately, can’t speak Romanian—but this allows me to have a stronger connection with Dracula and his story,” she says.

inkpop: What writer has “made a dent” in your life?

ashleybianca: The first time I read Holes by Louis Sachar  in fourth grade, I blocked out reality and focused heavily on Sachar’s words. My writing reflects those moments I had as a kid. I try to allow my words to warp real, literal life into something improbable and impossible. I’m inspired by the most mundane, everyday activities—real life. And somehow, I learned how to channel boring reality into exciting fantasy.

What’s your advice to inkpoppers to move their way up the charts?

You have to be a self-marketer and advertiser. Many people who are new to inkpop aren’t familiar with how the site runs, so I offer my help and friendship. In turn, I advertise my story as a way to get started in the addictive site. If you have the confidence in your story to take it all the way, marketing should follow, and your prospective readers should be able to feel your confidence radiating off the screen.

What was your inspiration for writing Morningside?

Morningside took about a year and a half to write, and actually began as a final project in my Short Story class during my senior year of high school. I’ve always had an interest in vampires, but knew the market was flooded from the rise of the Twilight saga. This only forced me to become original in my story, to try something different, and take a chance. I’ve read plenty of vampire books, and from those, was able to create what I thought was the ideal vampire—someone who was charming, sophisticated, and a bloodthirsty killer.

What’s your inkpop experience been like?

It’s a wonderful community for writers and readers. Since we haven’t had much experience with the Editorial Board, I’m very curious as to how that will work, but it’s very nice to see a fair system of determining the rank. The people I’ve met have been absolutely fantastic. It’s nice to have a community of individuals who share a common interest: A love for the English language.

inkpop Forums Topic: ashleybianca has set a high standard for networking and self-promotion on inkpop. What do you think are some good ways to promote inkpop projects (not just on, but in the “outside world”)?

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