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Life as a Blogger

Posted by inkpop on October 21, 2009

I Heart Daily’s Anne Ichikawa and Melissa Walker [heart] teen trends


Jewelry to get your geek on. Books you’ll want as friends. Textual harassment. These are just a few of the topics you’ll find on I Heart Daily, a Website and e-newsletter that covers style, entertainment, beauty, and news for teens.

I Heart Daily’s Brooklyn-based bloggers, Anne Ichikawa and Melissa Walker, launched their home-based biz almost a year ago with a straightforward mission: to write about stuff they like. The two met in 2003 while working as writer-editors for the now-defunct ElleGirl Magazine, which they dually describe as “the best jobs they’ve ever had.”

When ElleGirl Magazine folded its print version (the online version’s still kicking) in 2006, Ichikawa went on to work for and as a freelance writer for various publications. Walker became a prolific novelist, publishing the Violet triology and Lovestruck Summer.

inkpopAmy: How was I Heart Daily born?

Melissa Walker: We missed writing for ElleGirl, and were always emailing one another and saying things like, “Oh my god, did you see these sneakers?” For a long time, we kept saying, “Why doesn’t Daily Candy have a teen newsletter?” Finally one night, we said, “Dude, let’s do it ourselves.”

What was working for ElleGirl Magazine like?

Walker: It was like putting together a magazine with your friends from college. Of course, there were politics, but in general, we’d walk into our editor’s office and say, “I just heard about this really cool thing,” and she’d say, “Great! Write about it.” There wasn’t a lot of red tape.

What were your favorite stories that you wrote for ElleGirl?

Walker: I wrote a story about Hell Houses, put on by Pentecostal churches at Halloween. I went to a crazy one in Texas, where every room represented a sin—Gay Marriage, Murder, Abortion, etc. At the end, you go into a room where the devil is, and it’s really scary. And then you go into a room with Jesus, who asks you to step into the light and sign your life over to God.

It was a great story because it had all those elements of weird, campy, and quirky, but it also had the deep elements of faith. I loved getting into the minds of the teens of the youth group that put it on. I’m now writing a book that’s fiction, but based on this experience. It’s about a girl who grows up in a town like this, and has always wanted to play “Abortion Girl.”

Anne Ichikawa: I wrote a story about being an extra in a Simple Plan music video. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I flew to L.A., woke up at 5 a.m., and drove to a bridge … and nothing happened all day. As an extra, you just sit and wait. I remembered thinking, “What am I going to write about?” I wrote to Christina [Kelly, the editor], and she said, “This is awesome. Perfect.” I felt a huge sigh of relief, especially since I’d written about the oatmeal I’d eaten and other random stuff.

What are your favorite I Heart Daily posts?

Ichikawa: “Blogs About Books: Re-reading The Classics”  

Walker: “Cool Girl: Lovetta, 15, Inspirational Designer”

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3 Responses to “Life as a Blogger”

  1. erin said

    Oooh. I can’t wait to read Melissa’s new book.

  2. Ariel said

    I love I Heart Daily! Melissa and Anne rock. I am also muy obsessed with this photo.

  3. Yes. I second this. Melissa and Anne totally rock.

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