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Top Picks almost off to Editorial Board

Posted by inkpop on October 30, 2009

inkpoppers pulled the beta trigger with a bang.

One month since the beta launch of, the community of teen authors and trendspotters has banded together to create the new voice of teen publishing. The tireless, creative crew of writers, lit fans, and talent-scouting Trendsetters is nearly ready to announce the very first collection of most-popular projects.

When the clock strikes midnight on the final day of October (Halloween!), inkpop’s Top Picks are off for a careful review by the Editorial Board, a team of HarperCollins editors. After the reading process, the Editorial Board will direct feedback to the authors, at which point the authors may decide whether to make the comments viewable to the inkpop community.

At press time of this inkpop blog post, the five Top Picks include:

Junebug (a Humor/Romance book) by gingercurl

Morningside (a Paranormal/Romance book) by ashleybianca

Mortal Memories (a Science-Fiction/Fantasy book) by BrittanyLawrence

Lovephase: Confession (a Romance short story) by kaaaaaaat

Falling For It (a Romance/Humor book) by Cupcakelover

Top Picks are constantly in motion, and this list is subject to change up until the last second of October 31, 2009.

On November 1, the clock refreshes, and the inkpop community re-ignites the talent-search process. Whose work will you help rise to the top?

inkpop Forums Topic: What do you think about the first round of Top Picks? Think there will be any last-minute changes?

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