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inkpopper of the Week: darkestlight

Posted by inkpop on November 3, 2009

Andrea Giang (aka “darkestlight”), a recent University of California-Davis biochemistry graduate, speaks four languages and aspires to be a pediatrician and writer. But no matter how busy she gets with actualizing her goals, she’s committed to connecting with fellow writers and talent spotters on AndreaGiang

As an inkpop Top Trendsetter, the 22-year-old San Franciscan clocks in about four hours per day of reading and reviewing projects, communicating with inkpoppers, and promoting her short story, A Winter Rose. “inkpop gives us a chance to see what our peers really feel about our work,” she says.  

inkpop: How did you become a high-ranking Trendsetter?

Andrea Giang: I became one of the top Trendsetters simply by reading a lot. I’ve received tons of comments from other inkpoppers on how to improve my writing, so I want to be able to do the same for others. When someone comments on my story, I check to see if they have projects posted. If they do, I read them. I add the ones I think are exceptionally good to my Picks list. I also look at the latest projects and recommendations from other inkpoppers.

I think the easiest way to become a top Trendsetter is just to keep your eyes open. When you see a project that you really enjoy and can’t wait to share with others, add it to your Picks list. That’s what being a Trendsetter is about—sharing with others the stories and poems that amaze you.

Have you received helpful advice on A Winter Rose from inkpoppers?

Yes. I’ve been told by inkpoppers that I need to add more detail and description to allow the readers to see the scenes the way I imagine them to be. I was also told to add more of my voice and creativity to A Winter Rose to make it unique, rather than simply following the original fairy tale [Beauty and the Beast] I based my story on. I’ve been using these suggestions to edit what I already posted and also to write the rest of the story.

What kinds of projects pique your interest?

I’m interested in reading any types of projects, both stories and poems. I most enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, and romantic comedies, but I’m willing to read anything.

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