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inkpopper of the Week: mckenziegrace

Posted by inkpop on November 10, 2009


McKenzie Grace Tissue (aka mckenziegrace) has a clear view of her future. The 15-year-old Oregonian—who’s a fan of Meg Cabot, Steve Kluger, and William Shakespeare—aspires to be a professional writer. “My plans for starting up this dream are to attend Portland State University, write a fiction novel, and get the final draft to a publisher, ASAP!” she says.

Her concentrated focus carries over into her status as an inkpop Trendsetter—she knows what kind of projects she likes, and she’s all about adding them to her inkpop Picks list.

inkpop: In your inkpop profile, you say that boy chasing is one of your hobbies—how’s that going?

McKenzie Grace Tissue: I am a humongous flirt right now, because I just got out of a relationship. It’s nice not to be tied down. I’m a little young to be dating … hence why I am single again.

Who’s your celebrity-boy crush?

It’s a tie between Channing Tatum and Shia LaBeouf. I am so amazed by Shia’s ability to do just about any type of acting he puts his mind to—Even Stevens to Transformers and Indiana Jones. And it’s pretty much the same with Channing—She’s  the Man and Fighting were polar opposites.

What do you listen to most on your iPod?

I am in love with Owl City, the Friday Night Boys, Coldplay, and Boys Like Girls. Their music really helps to get my brain working when I need inspiration for writing. My favorite song right now is “Fireflies” by Owl City—it’s about dancing, bugs, and dreaming!

What’s your advice to inkpoppers for becoming an influential Trendsetter?

I check into at least twice a day and give as much feedback to stories as I possibly can. It is also nice when people send me messages and ask me to take a look [at their projects]. It makes me feel good about my reviews, and I hope to get better at handing out feedback as I go along. Just actively involve yourself in other people’s stories, and post your own.

What’s most interesting about inkpop to you?

How  active inkpoppers are. I mean, it takes time to read stories and type feedback, and these people take it to an all new level! I like how there are Picks lists, and that people are supporting each other so well. It’s nice to know that there is hope for other aspiring teenage authors.

What kinds of projects do you seek out on inkpop?

Projects that are different—I don’t like all of my Picks to be about romance. It would be wonderful if I could find a decent story without romance in it. What really attracts me to certain projects are the title and picture—I like to see a catchy-sounding title next to an awesome picture. It’s really cool to see people using their own pictures, rather than picking something off the site’s list that may not fit their storyline.

inkpop Forums topic: What’s your process for adding projects to your Picks list?

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