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November Top Picks!

Posted by inkpop on December 1, 2009

When inkpop went public November 10, 2009, a slew of new members joined forces with loyal inkpop beta members, who’d spent more than a month creating a positive, supportive community for aspiring teen authors and talent-spotting Trendsetters.

When the clock struck midnight on the last day of the month, the five most popular projects were submitted to the inkpop Editorial Board, which consists of a team of HarperCollins editors. With the ultimate goal of finding the next big things in teen lit, the Editorial Board will read and review each of the projects, and in approximately one month, the Board members will send their feedback to each of the Top Picks authors.

November 2009 Top Picks

  1. Dude by anilawrites
  2. Magic by Vargot
  3. Sit Tight, Take Hold by mscheponik
  4. Forever Never Comes by GracieJordan
  5. Anti-Boys by InconstantMoon

inkpop Forums Topic: What do you think of the November Top Picks, and which projects will you add to your Picks lists next?

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3 Responses to “November Top Picks!”

  1. Anila said

    I will never get used to seeing 1. Dude by anilawrites.

    I’m wondering when this will start feeling real.

  2. Erin said

    Congratulations everyone!!! 😀 I hope one of my stories could make it up there one DAY!

    • Erin said

      I wish my book was up there 😦 But I’m really happy for Dude, it is amazing and it is by far the best book on Inkpop.
      Hopefully my book will be up there and maybe even on the shelves one day!!!

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