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inkpopper of the Week: chex

Posted by inkpop on December 2, 2009

“I hope to view as many cultures as I can so I can write about them with confidence,” says Che Bonami-McRae (aka chex).

With a goal to “write what she knows” about as many interesting people and places as possible, the 21-year-old world traveler just returned to Calgary, Alberta, from Melbourne, Australia, where she spent the last five months studying.

chex, a senior at the University of Calgary, is an inkpop Trendsetter who pays close attention to new members and their projects. “I’m a fan of the Picks and Browse features, because they make it easy for me to spot new projects that have yet to be discovered,” she says.

inkpop: You’re quite the traveler. Where have you been, and where are you going next?

chex: I’ve been to Turkey and walked on the ancient floor worn down by the feet of Romans in the Grand Bazaar. I’ve visited 12 U.S. states, Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales, spent a week exploring every inch of Rome, lived for five months in Australia learning what a “chook” is and discovering how disgusting Vegemite is, lounged in the Caribbean, rafted down the Dunns River and imitated Bob Marley in Jamaica.

I think France is my next target, so I can practice my French for that evil villain character causing havoc in my story.  Also, moving away from home and living with two roommates in the first year of university was quite the experience—who knew feeding yourself took so much time?

What marks your generation, and what makes it unique?

I was always on edge, wondering whether Brain would take over the world, and I know every word to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening rap. I like to think that Doug, Goosebumps, The Lion King, and Aladdin really make us special. Using decrepit Mac computers at school is also a part of my childhood I will never forget—I see my generation as the beginning of the technological age.

I think my generation is willing to accept new ideas easily. We are not afraid to explore, but we are also realistic. We aren’t going to burn down a building to have our point of view noticed. Because we have easier access to the Internet and efficient ways to travel, we are more aware of, and able to influence, more of the world than past generations.

Not only are we realistic in our worldviews, but we reach high while knowing our limits. Each of my friends (and myself) have widespread goals, but we know we can get there. It’s all about hard work and going where you want—there is this overruling belief in ourselves, which is enhanced by our friends’ support as we reach in different directions.

In your profile, about one of your inkpop short stories, you write, “My leading male character is the most frustrating specimen in my life. How the heck do boys think?” Is this particular character based on boys you know?

Boys are stupid. No, just kidding. Love you, boys!

I have two older brothers who are fabulous yet terrible. I also have three male best friends who are 100% fabulous. I think the problem with all of my boys, though, is that they are so different, and my leading male is a mixture of all of their influences, as well as all of my favorite male protagonists (Like Eric from the Little Mermaid with Mr. Darcy, and a little sprinkling of Aragorn, plus a dash of Gilbert, a bit of Dave the L, some Jace, Sirius).

Apparently, girls chase men who are like their fathers, so that’s a bit troublesome, as my daddy is more stubborn than a mule (I love you, Papa!).

inkpop Forums Topic: chex talks about the kinds of projects she’s looking for on inkpop. Also, Who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

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