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Top Picksers unite

Posted by inkpop on December 4, 2009

October 2009 Top Picks authors dish feedback on their Editorial Board reviews

“It was so helpful to see an outside eye into the story. Because I knew it inside out, I didn’t see anything wrong with my story.”

That’s a slice of gingercurl’s reaction to the review she received on her book, Junebug, on December 1 from the inkpop Editorial Board, a team of HarperCollins editors.

Gingercurl (aka Ashley Nickole) was one of five finalists for the very first round of inkpop Top Picks, for the month of October. The hard work that she and her co-Top Picksers invested into writing and promotion paid off in the form of positive reviews and helpful criticism.

“This was a really enlightening experience,” Nickole says. “I’m so glad and thankful that I got this opportunity to see how Junebug would fare in the real literary world before I venture out into it myself!”

In a follow-up inkpop Forums thread, fellow October Top Picks author BrittanyLawrence expressed a similar sentiment about the Editorial Board review she received on her book, Mortal Memories. “I’m going to be completely honest,” Lawrence writes. “I was kind of sad that I didn’t get that letter everyone anticipates saying, ‘We want to publish you immediately!’”

Though none of the first round of inkpop Top Picks authors were offered a publishing contract, this is just the beginning of the talent-search—each month, other writers have the opportunity to see their projects rise to the top of the Picks charts.

So what happens next for the October Top Picksers?

Based on their “feedback on the feedback,” they appear eager to incorporate the Editorial Board’s feedback by revising their works. “As I read their comments, I realized there isn’t a single bad comment,” Lawrence adds. “What’s even better are my notes for my next round of edits. I’ve had an opportunity few will have—a real editor to assess my work and comment on it.”

Author kaaaaaaat (aka Kat Musallam) says she learned from the experience of inviting a community of supportive teen-lit fans to read her work. “I wasn’t confident of my work, but I’m glad I put it [on inkpop] for everyone to read and, in the process, got a chance for my story to be read by an editorial board and see what critiques must be like in the publishing world,” says the “twenteen-year-old.” “I think more writers should take this opportunity and write away.”

ashleybianca (aka Ashley Madau), author of Morningside, says the Editorial Board review kept her adoration for writing “burning strong, instead of becoming stagnant.” “I encourage any aspiring authors to seek peer critique, as it’s your peers who will, inevitably, become the judges of your writing,” she says in an interview.

inkpop Forums Topic: Read the October 2009 Top Picks’ authors’ Editorial Board reviews.

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