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inkpopper of the Week: Tidalstorm

Posted by inkpop on December 15, 2009

Tidalstorm (aka A.S. Termanini) balances just the right amount of ambition and selflessness that writers need to succeed. The 22-year-old Londonite joined inkpop in early October to share his book, Gallant, and to connect with the community of teen-lit fans.

“I’ve been aspiring to be a writer since I can remember,” the first male “inkpopper of the Week” writes in his inkpop profile. “I guess it’s now time to test how far I’ve improved. Maybe [inkpop] will give me the will to stand up and shout out, to make my ambition a reality.”

inkpop: What should inkpoppers know about you that’s not included in your inkpop profile?

Tidalstorm: I come from a large family of nine, and being of Syrian and English descent allows me to experience both sides. Also, I’ve lived in a town, village, and city, which has helped me be more knowledgeable about how [populations affect culture].

What’s your inkpop experience been like?

I’ve received positive feedback, and it’s helped me to look at my work in a different light. I guess if it hadn’t been for the comments, my writing would have just stayed the same.

When did you know that you were a writer?

The moment I put pen to paper, I found I could write without having to think about what I was writing, and the words just seemed to flow. My first short story was at eight, and my first work on a novel at thirteen. I’ve always wanted to be an author since I could read, and I’ve always been an avid reader.

In your inkpop profile, you write that history informs your work. How so?

History is fascinating as it delves into a time and place, which has existed but which you are not a part of. Nowadays, you see cars, trains, and airplanes, but in the past, transportation was basic with carriages, horses, and walking. Nature in the past was abundant—living in London, to experience this, I would have to visit parks and take a trip into the countryside.

The Middle Ages is my favorite part of history—witches, kings, and queens ruled, having great power considered to be chosen by God. It was a different world, where government controls everything. I like to base a story in a place that I would like to experience, not one that I am a part of, as it lets my imagination have no limitations.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about writing?

Don’t give up and don’t doubt your work. If you believe it’s good enough, so will others. Take advice—it can help out a great deal, but use that advice in the way you choose.

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