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inkpopper of the Week: jcdavies04

Posted by inkpop on December 22, 2009

Sometimes all you need is a jolt of inspiration to get a new project off the ground.

For Jenny Davies (aka jcdavies04), inspiration came in the form of meeting one of her favorite authors, Louise Rennison, author of the Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series. The experience led her to co-write a book called Hook with schoolmate and fellow inkpop writer Jane (aka madcamels).

Here, Davies, an 18-year-old student in the Northwest of England with a high inkpop Trendsetter ranking, talks about her zest for writing, life, and inkpop.

inkpop: What’s it been like to co-write Hook?

Jenny Davies: Hopefully it’s going to be part of a trilogy, Hook, Line & Sinker. Originally we planned our story to be a light-hearted, funny one that was just about friends having fun. But somehow our ideas escalated and Hook now has a very serious undertone, though is full of humor.

Writing together has been a great experience. Whenever we hit a writing block, we can just hand it to the other person—sometimes it works, and sometimes we have to tackle it together. Either way, we get the job done. Plus, I love having someone to rant to about ideas and changes and, of course, that all-important love interest who we can fall in love with as we write.

What’s the gist of Hook?

The story takes off as Alexis-Rose begins her final year at Sixth Form [the American equivalent of high school] before heading off to university. Against her parents’ wishes, she spent most of the summer away at a camp, where she hoped to lose herself in her main love in life: sports.

However, upon returning, it seems the only thing Alexis lost is herself. Still opinionated, sarcastic, and stubborn, Alexis battles through her friends’ constant pestering about what exactly happened to her over summer.

And then there’s the addition of Jared Clarkson. Of course—what’s a story without an arrogant bad boy who’s constantly on your back?

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you on inkpop so far?

Receiving all the feedback—both for Hook and my own short story called The Right Wrong that is actually a clip from a fantasy story of mine. I love being able to hear unbiased opinions on my work and most importantly help improve it because of the comments.

You’re a top Trendsetter. How’d you get your high rank?

I first started moving up the ranks when I added Dude to my Picks list—I guess I was just fortunate that I found such a great story the day it was published. As it got more popular, my ranking rose as well.

What kinds of inkpop projects do you add to your Picks list?

I like light-hearted girl-boy romances and also more in-depth stories such as Magic by Vargot.

My favorite story so far on inkpop is definitely Sit Tight, Take Hold by mscheponik. Not only did it enhance my love for Bruce Springsteen, but it was the first story I could actually say I would buy as a book.

What’s your ultimate dream job?

A wildlife journalist—something that would incorporate two of my main passions in life: nature and writing. 

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