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December Top Picks!

Posted by inkpop on January 1, 2010

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, inkpop’s five Top Picks were handed over to the Editorial Board, finalizing an intense month. With loads of new members flocking to the site in December, new writers and readers were eager to help discover the next big things in teen lit. Here are the community’s favorite inkpop projects of the month:

December 2009 Top Picks

Finger-Painting by KayLynn911

Generation XX by Dinnertime

Stumbling Underground by strive.nerveryield

One of the Boys by AmandaJoywrites

Parallel: tragically beautiful by The Butterfly Effect

As soon as the December 2009 Top Picks were pulled off the shelf for review by a team of HarperCollins editors, a new round of projects took their slots. Now’s the time for inkpoppers to get in on the January Top Picks action by adding a new round of discoveries to Picks lists.

As for inkpop’s November 2009 Top Picks, the Editorial Board members are wrapping up their reviews and plan to share their comments with the Top Picks authors on about January 5.

inkpop Forums Topic: What do you think of December’s Top Picks, and which projects do you think will rise to the top of the inkpop charts in January 2010?

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2 Responses to “December Top Picks!”

  1. Mariella said

    Congrats! 😀

  2. Jen Stencel said

    Hey Inkpop- could you ‘open up’ even more and keep us in the loop of what is happening to the November picks? Keep us posted on the editing flow, the publishing flow and so on? I would love to learn/see how a book gets made so to speak…

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