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Enter the “I’m So Not Over [X]” Challenge

Posted by inkpop on January 3, 2010

Before diving into the details of the third inkpop Challenge, a congrats to the winners of the Holiday Haiku inkpop Challenge is in order. The two randomly selected Challenge writers are Rivkie Riter and readergirl, and the two randomly selected Challenge Commenters are krims and flying2far4u. Each of the four winners received three HaperTeen books of their choice.

inkpop CHALLENGE #3: I’m So Not Over [fill in the blank]

inkpop Challenge Marker: ic#3

Description: Is there something that you just can’t seem to get out of your head? Maybe it’s an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, a failed math test, your worst soccer game, or a friendship gone wrong. Share your experience with other inkpoppers by describing the one thing you’re so not over.

inkpop Format Selection: Essay, Short Story, or Poem

Genre: Any

Word count: Maximum of 800

How to Promote: After submitting your “I’m So Not Over [fill in the blank]” submission, post the link to your project in the Forums thread.

Launch Date: Sunday, January 3, 2010

Deadline Date: Friday, January 15, 2010, at noon EST

Prizes: inkpop will select 2 random Challenge writers and 2 Challenge commenters, who will receive their choice of three HarperTeen books. The prize winners will be announced here, on the inkpop blog, and on inkpop Forums.

inkpop Challenges Rules and Details

Modeled after traditional writing groups or classes, inkpop Challenge deadlines range from a week and a half to up to a month.

Participants upload inkpop Challenge projects in the same fashion as any other inkpop project, and inkpop Challenge submissions are included in the site’s “regular activity” and ranking system, meaning that they are included in the same Top Picks process as non-inkpop Challenge projects. inkpop Challenges vary in topic, formats, word counts, and deadline schedules. inkpop Challenge details are announced via the inkpop blog and Forums.

There are no judges in inkpop Challenges (unless, of course, an inkpop Challenge project becomes a Top Pick, in which case it will be reviewed by the Editorial Board). inkpoppers are encouraged to provide feedback on fellow participants’ work and to add Challenge projects to their Picks lists if they so choose. The purpose of inkpop Challenges is to provide a supportive network and allow inkpoppers additional avenues to participate in community writing challenges.

How to “Flag” inkpop Challenge Submissions

Participants are required to flag their submissions in these three ways:

1. Include the inkpop Challenge marker in the project title. During the “Submit” process, when titling your project, include the inkpop Challenge marker in your project’s title, which will be specified in the initial inkpop Challenge description. The marker will be “ic#1,” “ic#2,” etc.

2. Include the Challenge marker in Tags.  In Step 3 of the “Submit” process, after selecting the genre for your project, include the inkpop Challenge marker in Tags.

3. Promote your inkpop Challenge project on Forums. After submitting your project, announce your submission on Forums and include the project’s URL, within the particular Challenge thread

inkpop Challenges Prizes

inkpop awards prizes to random inkpop Challenge writers and to those who post comments on participants’ work. Prize details are announced at the time of the inkpop Challenge posting; winners are selected on the inkpop Challenge submission deadline date.

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