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inkpopper of the Week: Nickle :D <3

Posted by inkpop on January 5, 2010

Nicole Elizabeth Wilner (aka Nickle 😀 ❤) has boy troubles.

Scratch that. She used to have boy troubles.

After posting on December 26 a popular inkpop Forums threads to ask how to deal with a “lifelong crush,” she received loads of advice from fellow inkpoppers, and has decided to move on.

Here, the 13-year-old writer talks about inkpop boys, her favorite author, and her Trendsetter secrets for success.

inkpop: Has your “Girl Talk” Forums thread helped you solve your boy troubles?

Nickle 😀 <3: “Girl Talk” has helped me and many other young ladies with their relationship troubles a lot, and especially with the help of a man (shiraz) and a young man (RhydianF). They helped all the young ladies on inkpop to see a guy’s P.O.V.

To ask questions and see what they say in response is so interesting and helpful that I almost can’t describe it in words. I am grateful to all inkpoppers who answered my question about a boy that I liked for six years. I will move on!

He was in fact my first crush, but most inkpoppers told me that I deserve someone better and that I should get over him. I learned that people are confusing no matter how long you’ve known them. They are like puzzle pieces that can’t be figured out easily and put together in one big, simple picture.

What’s the coolest thing that’s happened to you on inkpop?

When I first registered on inkpop and got many invites to be people’s friends. I felt so welcomed by all those who asked me to be friends with them. I was glad that they were there to help me when I had questions, which I did, because I am a curious girl. I also like being a Trendsetter. It is really cool to see other people’s writing talents.

You’ve participated in inkpop Challenges. Do you have any ideas for upcoming inkpop writing Challenge topics?

A fictional story about spam and how it saved someone’s life. A persuasive letter as to why cats are better than dogs and vice versa. A 100-word poem about your favorite color. Write whatever is on your mind so it comes out random. Or a diary entry about your most special day to your worst day ever.

As an inkpop Trendsetter, what’s your secret for success?

My advice is to try to read everyone’s writing pieces and go with your gut about what you think is really good. Also, if I read someone’s project that is in the one-thousands area, and if I really think it’s a good piece of writing, I add it to my Picks list.

I try to change my Picks list every day, after the “24-hour you have to keep that project on your Picks list” rule. I like to add projects with a combination of genres with at least one genre that I really like. For example, I very much like Forbidden: Sequel to Shadowed because it is horror, general fiction, romance, and science fiction/fantasy. If it didn’t have romance and general fiction, I probably wouldn’t have put it on my Picks list. I mostly like to read projects with genres that are humor, romance, paranormal, and general fiction.

What book or author has affected you?

Elizabeth Scott, the author of one of my favorite books, Bloom. Her books get to me easily, with all her wonderful dialogue. Her books always seems to have a lovely moral. Her writing makes total sense to me, even though I haven’t yet experienced anything even slightly similar to what happens in every book she has written.

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One Response to “inkpopper of the Week: Nickle :D <3”

  1. Nicole Wilner said

    Wow I am just so happy that I got a blog about me. I thank all my friends on Inkpop! 😀

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