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November ’09 Top Picks authors share feedback on Edit Board reviews

Posted by inkpop on January 10, 2010

After spending a month reading and thinking about the five November 2009 Top Picks projects, in early January the inkpop Editorial Board members shared their reviews with the authors. Read the Editorial Board reviews by either viewing the project or visiting the “Editorial Board Reviews Hub” inkpop Forums thread.

Here, the November Top Picks authors reflect on their experiences of rising to the top of the inkpop charts and how they feel about the Editorial Board’s reviews …

InConstant Moon (aka Vicky Blaylock)

Author of Anti-Boys

I was pleasantly surprised by how kind and complementary the Editorial Board was. Their comments are extremely helpful and will definitely mean a lot when I revise Anti-Boys. It was so helpful to have a professional look at Anti-Boys and to be able to fix my story in a way that will hopefully, eventually be marketable. I know exactly what I’m going to do and change.

I was very excited about being in the tops. I’m involved in other writing sites and novel groups, and I often let my friends and family read my work, but no matter how many times you hear it, having someone tell you they like your work never gets old, so to be picked out of so many others is like the ultimate compliment. Top Picks are a fantastic way to boost morale and to get people out there. So many people are nervous about sharing their work with the world, but most of the time, it’s fantastic work!

Mscheponik (aka Michelle Scheponik)

Author of Sit Tight, Take Hold

I’m very grateful for the review, and it means so much to me that the Editorial Board is willing to read the five top submissions every month and offer such a well-thought critique.

When I first wrote the story, I never had the intentions of getting it published. My friends encouraged me to keep writing it and I loved the characters, so I kept at it until it was finished. For it to have come this far boggles my mind.

I agree completely with the editors. I knew the story wasn’t perfect. Still, I know I would look at the story and think, “Okay, this works.” But you aren’t seeing it from a reader’s perspective. Now, with the review, I have a jumping-off point to go in and filter through what needs fixed or chopped, etc.

I plan on applying the advice to my other writings as well. I know I made some of the same mistakes in my other story on inkpop, so the review is kind of a gift that keeps on giving for me. It’s so much easier for me to look at Sit Tight, Take Hold with a critical eye now that I know what needs editing, as opposed to before when all I could do was check for typos or grammatical errors. I love the story, and I love that people could enjoy reading what I wrote, and now I love knowing I can do to make it that much better.

I was grateful enough to have been in the top five, with a group of four other awesome writers. I’m so thankful to the HarperCollins editors and to all the inkpop members who helped me get the story into the Top Picks in the first place.

Vargot (aka Tabatha Vargo)

Author of Magic

I’ve really enjoyed being a Top Picks author on inkpop. It’s kind of crazy, but when you write something, it becomes like your baby. You love it and nurture it, but in your mind, no one else could possibly love it as much as you.

When I joined inkpop and people started commenting on Magic and saying how much they loved it, it was so completely uplifting. It made me more confident in my work, and I found myself writing even more. I was very pleased with the fact that so many people enjoyed it and it pushed me to pursue other stories that I had locked in my head.

After making the top five for November, I spent the entire month of December reading through Magic. I wanted to be prepared for anything they could possibly say about my work. For a while, I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Of course, there were the grammar problems that I’d missed before, but in my mind, it was perfect. After reading the review, I have to say that these people know what they’re talking about. When you read your own stuff constantly, there are so many things you miss. A fresh eye is always needed and what an honor it was to have these particular eyes on my work.

Having the editors at HarperCollins look over my project is a dream come true. I’m really excited to make the necessary changes to make Magic a success.

GracieJordan (aka Alyssa Adkison)

Author of Forever Never Comes

I was very pleased to hear what the Editorial Board had to say. I was happy that they discussed my strengths and weaknesses, and I found a lot of the information useful. While I don’t plan on changing my work drastically, I do intend on bringing it all together better to justify my abnormally large cast. I was glad for them to explain what I had always felt was wrong but don’t have enough skill to pick out myself. There is a lot I plan on doing to make it stronger.

Unlike the majority of those who went on with me, I have not had any experience in the writing field. I never expected anyone to enjoy my writing and I never expected the response that I got from my peers and from HarperCollins. I wrote because it was something natural for me and deciding to share my work was a lark. It was one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever done.

Since my story first started flying up the ranks and the comments started coming in, I thought more and more about the possibilities and now have a list of agents to query as soon as my edits are done. I’m excited at the opportunity that inkpop has given me, and the courage to pursue my dreams in this business.

Editor’s Note: anilawrites, author of Dude, is on winter break, and will include her comments here shortly.

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