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Enter WWC #6

Posted by inkpop on January 12, 2010

‘On the Flip Side’ gives inkpoppers one week to get poetic about ‘all things yin and yang’  

inkpop members Sila and Safs invented the Weekly Writer’s Challenge (aka WWC) nearly two months ago to encourage their fellow budding writers to, well, keep on writing.

Similar to inkpop Challenges, which are directly hosted by inkpop, the WWC are “mini writing contests” that vary in topics, word counts, format, and guidelines. “The WWC is like a practice session to get writers ready for the real inkpop game,” Safs says.

The primary differences between the WWC and inkpop Challenges are twofold: Firstly, judges select winners of the WWC, and inkpop selects random participants as the inkpop Challenge winners. Secondly, the WWC is a weekly contest, and inkpop Challenges allow writers more than a week (usually a week and a half to three weeks) to meet a deadline.

Inspired by poetic greats, Sila sums up the sixth WWC concept like this: “Take something or someone that you either like or don’t like, and write a poem about its ‘flip side.’” Visit the “WWC WK6: On The Flip Side” inkpop Forums thread for participation details. The winner of this challenge will get to select a HarperTeen book of their choice.

“WWC is a great way for inkpoppers to get their creative juices pumped and improve their writing,” Sila says. “WWC should be looked at as a great way to flex your writing muscles and learn about your individual styles.”

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