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inkpopper of the Week: KayLynn911

Posted by inkpop on January 12, 2010

Like many other inkpoppers, Kristie Lynn Mahoney (aka KayLynn911)’s dream job is to be a best-selling author.

One of the five December Top Picks authors, the 18-year-old fantasizes about book signings. “I have dreams of myself listening to fans talk excitedly about my work as I sign their copy,” says the New Hampshire high-school senior.

“I’m a big Stephen King fan, and he wrote in his book On Writing that ‘Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends.’ It’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well.’”

Pictured here after cutting off and donating 11 inches of her hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Foundation last year, KayLynn911 discusses her Top Picks experience.

inkpop: What’s your inkpop experience been like?

KayLynn911: I found out about inkpop through a friend I work with on my high school newspaper staff. She got an email from inkpop and wanted to do an article on it for her section of the newspaper called “The Writer’s Block.” I volunteered to write the story and, well, I had to do my research, didn’t I? I made an inkpop account and explored the site, coming across a few really interesting things.

And even after the article was done and printed, I kept visiting inkpop and eventually posted something I wrote for a contest at school. inkpop members were more than welcoming to a new member, and I kept track of those people who asked me to read their stories so I wouldn’t forget. My list keeps growing, but I’m more than willing to read works from other people and try to help them grow as writers.

So far, all but two of inkpop’s Top Picks have been books, except for two short stories, and Finger-Painting is one of them. What’s your secret of success?

I don’t really have a secret—my passion for writing is well-known. I honestly didn’t think it would get as far as it did. I just wanted people to read it so I knew what others thought about it. It’s that low “writer’s self-esteem” thing—I feed off of what others think.

How do you describe Finger-Painting, and what inspired you to write it?

Finger-Painting is a twisted story about a little girl whose parents suspect that something is a bit off with her. They start her in therapy but the psychiatrist sees nothing wrong with her. As it turns out, he’s wrong. This is a story of a 4- or 5-year-old girl and her relationship with her parents or the last of it, at least. That’s how I put it in my summary at least. The story itself is a little predictable, and it’s supposed to be so that no one suspects the ending. I’m a fan of cliffhangers and twists in stories, but usually only when I’m writing them. As for what inspired this chilling tale, I’m not entirely sure myself. It just kind of did. I normally don’t write horror.

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