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Vote in 1st inkies Awards

Posted by inkpop on January 14, 2010

“On New Year’s Day, I had to ask myself, ‘What could cause a stir on inkpop?’”

That thought triggered inkpop member XoADreadnought (aka Tim Sibiski) to create inkies Awards, the inkpopper-produced awards program that recognizes and celebrates inkpoppers’ achievements in writing and community leadership.

The 21-year-old Maryland writer posted a thread describing the concept, and within minutes, garnered enthusiastic support from the community. The inkies Awards organizer invited site members to nominate projects in each of the four formats and various genres, in addition to “Best Dialogue” and “Best Characters.” inkies Awards also shine light on “Best Critiquer” and “Most Influential/Helpful Person on inkpop.”

XoADreadnought says his inspiration to create the awards came in large part from other helpful Forums threads and movements such as “Comment Crash Course” and the “Weekly Writer’s Challenge.” “Everyone is great to each other on inkpop,” XoADreadnought says. “inkies Awards are a fun and democratic way to reward everyone who spent so much time and hard work on their novels, shorts, poems, and essays.”

inkpop members are invited to cast their votes on the VOTING for the 1rst Annual Inkies Awards 1/10-1/17/ thread by Sunday, January 17. XoADreadnought will tally the votes, and winners will be announced on Forums and the inkpop blog.

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