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inkpopper of the Week: Kerushii Dono

Posted by inkpop on January 20, 2010

“I run on desire, lust and fire. I will never write about flowers or the smell of June and dusky skies.”

Meaning what she says and saying what she means, that’s how 18-year-old Kerushii Dono (aka Kelsey) of Penn Valley, California, introduces herself in her inkpop profile.

The high-school senior made her New Year’s Resolution to “get back into the habit of writing” a reality when she became an inkpopper on New Year’s Day. Here she talks about writing in an imperfect world and what she’d do if she could do, well, just about anything.

inkpop: Cool inkpop profile name—how’d you come up with it?

Kerushii Dono: Kerushii is my name, I hope, in Japanese. And Dono is an old Japanese suffix that, as Wikipedia tells me, “roughly means lord or master but not equating to a noble status.” I honestly relied on the integrity of Internet translation for my name.

What’s your post-high school plan?

Take classes at the local community college for two years before applying to transfer to a University of California or state college in the San Francisco area, which is my home away from home. My hope is that I can get an English degree with a possible minor in psychology.

You entered the third inkpop Challenge, “I’m So Not Over [fill in the blank].” You wrote about “I’m so not over senior year.” How do you summarize your story? And what do you think about the other submissions?

I’m a senior of a small class—we have less than 40 people—and I really haven’t gotten to know most the people, so “I’m so not over senior year” was my sort of promise to be friends with everyone in my class before we went our separate ways. Reading other Challenge entries was an interesting experience. I could really relate to the ones about breakups and not being over life, love, “them,” etc.

In your inkpop profile, you write about how you recognize that the world is an imperfect place, and that’s the reason why so many books and movies, etc., are about utopias. How has your acceptance of an imperfect world affected you as a person and as a creative type?

Accepting the fact that the world is imperfect has helped me look at the world through different eyes. I feel as if some people are trying to fool themselves with what I believe is never going to happen. And as a creative person, it has changed my writing style. When I was younger I used to write about my own utopias—when the boy gets the girl with no bumps along the way—but I realized that some people want to read about real-life events and emotion instead of a fairytale.

If you could go anywhere in the world for one week, and you had all the access and funding to do it, what would you do?

New York City, for the only reason that I’d love to live in the shoes of a New Yorker because I come from such a small town, and it would be a completely different experience.

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One Response to “inkpopper of the Week: Kerushii Dono”

  1. Kerushii Sama said

    THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!! My name is Kelsey also. Nice to meet you 🙂 we must do fb sometime.

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