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inkpopper of the Week: Pixie Chick

Posted by inkpop on January 26, 2010

Pixie Chick figured her “In-Character Chat 2” would make for a popular inkpop Forums thread. But the 14-year-old inkpopper had no idea it would attract more than 6,000 replies and more than 30,000 views within 10 days.

The thread’s concept is simple: Inspired by sidekick thread “In-Character Chat,” inkpop members pose as their project’s characters and write short bits of dialogue. Like other inkpop Forums games, the character chats are quick, fun, and as Pixie Chick says, “addictive.” Here, the North Carolina student whose real name is Danielle talks about being a freshman, her ultimate dream job, and why her bestie is so cool.

inkpop: So you’re addicted to in-character chats, eh? Who’s your favorite character?

Pixie Chick: Spencer, probably because she’s just like me except she’s more outgoing. She gets hyper off large amounts of candy and loves music. She is also awkward sometimes in relationships. Another character I like to be is Jaclyn, whom I like to think as my alter egomostly because she’s not afraid to voice her opinion despite the consequences.

How was the transition from middle school to high school?

It was pretty much the same until lunch. I was used to eating with everyone in my grade. And there’s a lot more homework and tests, adding to the fact they’re trying to cram four years of high school in my head in two yearsit’s stressful. … I’m in an accelerated program, so I can get some college credits for free.

In your inkpop profile, you say that you love “urban fantasy with a tad of romance.” What are some of your fave books that fall into that category?

I love the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I just love how the action of a supernatural battle can lead to a romance that is forbidden between two people. I want to put Twilight in this category but it’s more teen romance to me.

What kinds of projects are you most likely to add to your inkpop Picks list?

I like adding sci-fi/fantasy and paranormal stuff to my Picks list, and sometimes poems that really hit me.

What’s your ultimate dream job?

To be an author and a psychologist. But I change want I want to be a lot. First I wanted to be an artist, then a photographer, then a poet, then back to an artist, and finally settled on writing because I feel like it combines everything I want to be into one. A writer paints words on paper, and they make the reader visualize and capture the moment like a photographer, and the beauty of language like a poet, and understanding the way your character thinks and why they do like a psychologist.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about yourself or something else in the world in the past year?

I’ve gotten more confident in the past year. I can stick up for myself, though most of the time my friends still feel like they have to protect me. I can voice my own opinion and act like myself without feeling like I’m being singled out. I’ve also learned that you know you have a best friend when they yell at you and tell you not to talk to them for five minutes but they’re the one struggling. I love my bestie!

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