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‘So Here’s the Plan’ Challenge winners!

Posted by inkpop on January 27, 2010

inkpop writers maximized their creativity in submitting writing projects for the fourth inkpop Challenge, “So Here’s the Plan.”

With a maximum word count of 650, inkpoppers were encouraged to write about their plans for dealing with life’s everyday challenges, plans for big-time stuff, or plans for, well, having no plan and just going with the flow. Projects ranged from “My Plan For Writing A Novel In Thirty Days Or Less” by joanamysts to hollycat‘s plan to “purposefully not plan” her project.

inkpop selected four random winners who participated in the fourth inkpop Challenge: two writers and two inkpoppers who commented on Challenge submissions. Each of the four inkpoppers win their choice of HarperTeen books.

inkpop Challenge #4 Winners

ic#4 A writer’s ultimate plan by LilyOlliver

So Here’s the Plan ic#4 by pintsize131



The details of the fifth inkpop Challenge will be announced on inkpop Forums and on the inkpop blog, and inkoppers are invited to weigh in about the topics of upcoming inkpop Challenges on inkpop Forums.

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