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inkpopper of the Week: IntoTheWoods

Posted by inkpop on February 16, 2010

Jessica Bourbeau claims her hometown of Billerica, Massachusetts, is the “most boring town on the planet.”

Which might not be such a bad thing.

After all, it gives the 14-year-old writer and literary fan (who goes by IntoTheWoods on inkpop) plenty of time to dream up romance and science-fiction stories. The self-described lefty “who sometimes draws on my arms when I’m bored” talks here about weird character names and her collaborative inkpop book.

inkpop: What’s your inkpop book, Into The Woods, about?

IntoTheWoods: Into The Woods is about realizing the true meaning in our lives. It’s about a girl who thinks she’s pretty normal and just doesn’t really care about what’s going on in her life, like some teenagers feel. Then suddenly she realizes that she might not be so normal when she discovers a completely separate world, literally right in her backyard.

I wanted to write a book that had vampires in it, but was completely different from Twilight. So I thought, “Hey, why not send the vampires to high school and see what happens?”

Two months later, I had the first three chapters of Into The Woods written with a lot more to come.

In your inkpop profile, you write, “I use the weirdest names for my characters in my stories and have a huge list of the ones I’ve come up with stuffed in the back of my history folder.” What are some of these character names?

Most of the names are really dark, while others I just make up randomly. Some of the weirder names I have come up with are Erasmith, Petyr (pronounced “Peter”), Calyx, and Shadow from Into The Woods.

My favorite is Reqiuem—it’s really elegant yet dark and mysterious at the same time.

How did you discover inkpop, and what’s your experience been like?

I actually discovered inkpop from an ad in Seventeen. I thought it looked cool so I gave it a shot. I became addicted to it that night, and I am still so addicted to it.

I love that people on inkpop are not afraid to give you the criticisms that you need. If you ask a family member or a friend how they like your work, sometimes they tell you they like it just so they won’t hurt your feelings.

You started this super-popular inkpop Forums thread called “PEOPLE WORKING ON THE COLLAB COME HERE!” What’s going on with “the collab”?

The collab is for a book a few of us are writing called In Plain Sight. It’s about a school in NYC for supernaturally gifted students and what happens when the school threatens to use their powers to take over the world. The story is in five different points of view—each written by a different author. I write the POV of Fallon Verlia, a dark angel with awesome black magic powers. The collab is so much fun, and I’ve become really good friends with the other four girls working on it with me.

What do you want to learn about writing?

I want to learn everything there is about writing. Since writing is just one of the very few things I actually am good at, I’m really trying to perfect my skills with it.

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One Response to “inkpopper of the Week: IntoTheWoods”

  1. Siena said

    oh no!

    wish i’d read a bit further into ‘Into the Woods’ before reaidng this blog!

    spoilt the twist it did *sulk*

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