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inkpopper of the Week: MIC

Posted by inkpop on March 9, 2010

“You are looking at an inkpopaholic!”

Morgan Shamy’s addiction has paid off. Known as MIC to the inkpop community, the Utah-based writer joined the site on New Year’s Day 2010, and by the end of the month, her book, Shadow Watchers, became a Top Picks project.

We checked in with her in early March, shortly after she received a review from the inkpop Editorial Board (made up of HarperCollins editors). (Read the Edit Board review and MIC’s thoughts in the “Editorial Board Reviews Hub” Forums thread.) “HarperCollins gave me amazing, priceless advice,” she says.

The “inkpopper of the Week” talks here about her next steps and “writing like mad.”

inkpop: What’s your life like, outside of inkpop?

MIC: I’ve been a ballerina my whole life. Since I was 14, I taught about 300 students per week. I stopped teaching last year when my 3-year-old was diagnosed with APML Leukemia. It was because of the cancer that I started writing, and haven’t been able to stop.

I’m loving this “stay-at-home” thing with my three little kids … it gives me a lot of writing time! I feel like I’ve lived through everything I have so that I can be a writer. Writing is my true passion, and I will pursue it until I’m successful.

When did you start writing young-adult fiction books?

January 19, 2009, is the exact date I started writing … I wanted to write young-adult, because as a teen, I hated reading. Loathed it. And I think it’s because I didn’t know what reading could do … how it could transport you and create such magic in your life. Reading is such a healthy escape, and I want to provide that for teens and adults everywhere.

You joined inkpop on New Year’s Day 2010 … and within one month, Shadow Watchers was the #1 Top Picks project. What was your experience like? How’d you do it?

I decided to approach inkpop like a miniature “real world.” I know in the writing business, you can’t be afraid to put yourself out there and get things done. You are responsible for your own success.

One thing that I did was make myself stand out. I tried to make my messages personal, establish a unique relationship with the author—to not become another nameless face who wanted her work read. I always read and commented first. By giving a detailed comment, the author would feel more inclined to respond. Then I would follow up.

At first, I looked at inkpop as a competition, letting my major competitive instincts take over. But then, something unexpected happened. I found myself really caring about these people, being inspired by the amazing stories that surrounded me. Not just their fictional stories, but their real life stories as well.

inkpop isn’t a competition, it’s a community—a  place where we can all support each other, learn, and grow.

You’re also the top Trendsetter on inkpop right now. What’s your secret of success?

I love to find undiscovered projects and give them a boost. It’s fun to find a hidden treasure that no one has read and share it with the community.

About how much time do you spend on inkpop, and what do you spend most of your time doing on the site?

I usually always have a page open to inkpop, even when I’m writing and working on other projects. I start to get the shakes when I’m away from it for too long! I hunt for projects that need attention and chat in Forums. Oh, Forums … such great discussion there.

You say on the “Editorial Board Reviews Hub” Forums thread that you liked HarperCollins’ critique of Shadow Watchers. What are your next steps with your book?

Write. Like. Mad. I’m already revising. I’m so excited about Shadow Watchers. I really do think it has magic and I know down to my bones that it will be successful. I’m excited for the next stage, to send out queries and all that … I think that’s when I’ll feel like a real author.

inkpop Forums Topic: Who do you think should be the next “inkpopper of the Week”? Nominate your favorite community members on this Forums thread.

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2 Responses to “inkpopper of the Week: MIC”

  1. Yeah, Morgan. Shadow Watchers will definitely be a huge success. I LOVE IT, and I never even read that genre! Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll be watching.

  2. My very own #BB. Good on ya!!!

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