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inkpop Collab Challenge winners!

Posted by inkpop on March 12, 2010

So what do you think? Do great minds think alike?

With the inkpop Collab Challenge, we discovered that whether or not they think alike, aspiring writers are eager to team up with each other to create great stories.

Launched March 3, 2010, the eighth writing challenge prompted writers to collaborate with other inkpoppers to create a project of their choice—the genre, topic, and format (poem, short story, essay, or book) was up to them. Two Collab Challenge teams were randomly selected as the winners, and got their choice of HarperTeen books.


Soul Redeemer IC#8

(ShortStory: Adventure, Horror, Paranormal, General Fiction)

By Teen_writer, Bookwyrmm, and BelieveItOrNot

Letters to Nikki – ic#8 Collab

(ShortStory: Adventure, Historical Fiction, Humor, General Fiction)

By ScarletDraven10712, silent_eloquence, and DelecroixDraven10712

Cover by Casey261

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