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March Top Picks!

Posted by inkpop on April 1, 2010

Just a bit after midnight on March 31, inkpop’s five Top Picks (all books) were handed over to the Editorial Board, wrapping up a month of romance-focused fiction projects.

Here are the teen literary-talent community’s top five most popular projects of the month:

inkpop March 2010 Top Picks

• The Importance of Getting Revenge by Mandybeth (Romance, Humor, General Fiction book)

• Winter Child by isabella2296 (Science Fiction/Fantasy, Romance book)

• Artistic License by joanamysts (General Fiction, Romance, Humor book)

The Connotations of Butterflies by Drowning.Silently. (General Fiction, Romance, Horror book)

• Altered by Sammi207 (Science Fiction/Fantasy, Romance book)

As soon as the March Top Picks were pulled off the virtual bookshelf for review by a team of HarperCollins editors, a new round of projects took their slots. After reviewing the March Top Picks projects, the Editorial Board will post critiques in the Top Picks authors’ profile Comments fields. inkpoppers are encouraged to load up their Picks lists with a new round of projects.

As for inkpop’s February 2010 Top Picks, the Editorial Board members are wrapping up their reviews and plan to share their comments with the Top Picks authors by mid-April.

inkpop Forums Topic: What do you think of the March 2010 Top Picks? Which ones are your faves? Read. Write. Connect.

This inkpop blog post was written by Amy Schroeder (aka inkpopAmy)

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