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Carolyn Mackler answers anything in the world

Posted by inkpop on April 4, 2010

The Tangled author kicks off month-long interactive series on inkpop Forums

What on earth would you ask Carolyn Mackler?

The author of the award-winning novels The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things (a Michael L. Printz Honor Book), Vegan Virgin Valentine, Love and Other Four-Letter Words, and Guyaholic kicks off a month-long interactive series called “Ask Carolyn Mackler Anything in the World” in early April.

In her latest book, Tangled, Mackler dives into the ups and downs of being a teenager by writing the perspectives of four very different teen characters. There’s Jena, a big-hearted suburbanite who gets her heart broken; Skye, a suicidal actress who wants to know somethinng—anything—about the father she never met; Dakota, the heartbreaker jock whose life is harder than people might realize; and Owen, the shy observer who connects with the ”real world” world via his blog.

Each week in April, producers will select one interesting, engaging, thought-provoking question from the inkpop community for Carolyn Mackler to answer. On each of the four Fridays of April, Mackler will log onto to answer the “stellar question of the week” on this inkpop Forums thread. Each of the four inkpoppers whose questions are answered get a copy of Tangled (autographed by Carolyn Mackler) and will be featured on the inkpop blog (

inkpop Forums Topic: What will you ask Carolyn Mackler? Visit this inkpop Forums thread to join the international conversation. Read. Write. Connect.

This post was written by Amy Schroeder (aka inkpopAmy)

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