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Strange Talent Challenge winners!

Posted by inkpop on April 5, 2010

inkpop announces 4 winners of The Body Finder-inspired writing contest

Kimberly Derting’s novel The Body Finder inspired the 11th inkpop Challenge, a writing contest that invited site members to write stories, essays, and poetry about strange talents. The writing challenge launched March 29 and concluded on April 5, 2010.

Four winners—two inkpop Challenge writers and two Challenge commenters—were randomly selected to win a copy of The Body Finder, in addition to two HarperTeen books of their choice.


Ic#11: Life isn’t normal. by writingchick2009

Delilah’s Return #11 by Olajide Adelana


1. kuwaly
commented on IC#11: Oceanward by Ley:
I liked it, especially the last line. It reminded me a little Peter Pan, the book, because in the beginning, when they leave, there’s a line “The birds were flown.” And then later, they return home when they couldn’t stay in Neverland anymore. Anyway, I think she can turn water into tar. Guess that’s kind of obvious.

2. Confused Emotion
commented on Thinya Village ic#11 by Lemonpie:
I like the idea of it, I really do, but it could easily be built upon. The entries seem very vague and don’t provide enough information to get a real feel to the story. Maybe you could add more adjectives, or explain more into how Lyla met with the village people. Overall, it’s a great start, and I love the names you used, even if hard to pronounce. lol Read. Write. Connect.

This post was written by Amy Schroeder (aka inkpopAmy)

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