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Carolyn Mackler picks 1st ‘Ask Anything’ winner

Posted by inkpop on April 9, 2010

The award-winning author of Tangled answers inkpop member LindzL’s winning question

Dozens of inkpop members posted questions about writing rituals, best times to write, and tricks of the trade to kick off the first week of inkpop’s “Ask Carolyn Mackler Anything in the World.”

inkpoppers, teen-lit fans, and diehard Carolyn Mackler followers are invited to, well, ask the award-winning author “anything in the world” by posting their questions on this inkpop Forums thread. Each week of April 2010, Carolyn Mackler answers the best question. Four winners (one per week) win an autographed copy of Mackler’s latest novel, Tangled.

Mackler said it was challenging to select just one winner for the first week of April, because there are “so many great questions,” but she selected inkpop member LindzL, who asked:

Ms. Mackler, how did you come up with the characters and plot for the book? Owen (my favorite character) and Dakota were so different from, as were Jena and Skye. So, how did you master them while keeping them in line with the plot?

Read Carolyn Mackler’s answer to LindzL’s question here on inkpop Forums.

The “Ask Carolyn Mackler Anything in the World” series runs through the end of April. Visit to read and post questions for the author. Read. Write. Connect.

The inkpop blog is written by Amy Schroeder (aka inkpopAmy)

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