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Dirty Laundry Challenge winners!

Posted by inkpop on April 14, 2010

On April 14, inkpop announced the four winners of the “Dirty Laundry inkpop Challenge,” a writing contest inspired by Dirty Laundry by Daniel Ehrenhaft.

Two writers and two inkpop site members who commented on inkpop Challenge submissions were randomly selected to win a copy of Dirty Laundry in addition to two HarperTeen books of their choice.


1. Cammy Rose

Author of the poem Open Air Laundry ic#12

Pitch: A short ditty on a common household chore.

In the eyes of a college girl in a dorm, why is it so important to do laundry anyway?

2. molford

Author of The World’s Dirty Laundry ic#12

Pitch: Why does society consider everything it doesn’t understand to be a stain?

The world is like a shirt. We judge everything we don’t like before we look at the whole picture. We throw out a perfectly good piece of clothing because of a stain we might be imagining. We consider ourselves better than people who are different than us. Why prey on people that are simply looking for love in a different way than you are? Why throw them out before you get to know them? Why should differences in sexuality create boundaries between us?


1. KaylaKat

Commenter of ic#12 Red Silk Noose by neisaf

KaylaKat’s Comment: Even better than reading this, reading it aloud. It really makes everything more real, more dramatic. It’s also easier to notice the way they word some things; for example, “Eyes of brown and skin so fair”—love the wording. Good work!

2. lily1411

Commenter of ic#12 She Knew, He knew, They didn’t by Kelseymarie

Comment: As a poet, I found this very deep. If people say this a little sketchy, sometimes you just have to have the experience of going through something like this to get the whole feel of it. The spaces between each stanza, to me, represent what you have to fill yourself. What do you think she did? What did “they” do to her to torture her so much?

And the last stanza, I realized what she did—how regret-filled he feels, how “they” shouldn’t have done what they did.

Very powerful piece—reminds me of my own accounts of this kind of horrible rumor-spreading/bullying.

Visit the “Dirty Laundry inkpop Challenge” Forums thread to view all of the project submissions. Read. Write. Connect.

This post blog was written by Amy Schroeder (aka inkpopAmy)

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