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inkpop Fundamentals: May 4, 2010

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on May 4, 2010

Mark Peter Hughes’ ‘Lemonade Mouth’ to be the next ‘High School Musical’! It was three-years ago when Mark Peter Hughes’ tale of five high school freshmen who find themselves in detention with one another and decide to create a band to beat their boredom hit bookstores in the form of The Breakfast Club-influenced Lemonade Mouth; now the YA book is set to hit small screens as what Disney is calling the next High School Musical, to revive the dying breed of mini musicals, and to draw in more viewers. To ensure that the adaptation is a success, Disney has hired Debra Martin Chase – the producer of The Princess Diaries, The Cheetah Girls, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – to work on the film. Lemonade Mouth is slated to debut in September. MTV.

The Decemberists’ lead singer finds a new day job Since 2001 Colin Meloy has been the lead singer and songwriter for Portland, Oregon indie rock band The Decemberists. Now he’s undertaking a new role as children’s book author. The musician – who grew up reading Tolkien, Roald Dahl, and Lloyd Alexander – recently sold his three-part children’s book series Wildwood to HarperCollins imprint Balzer & Bray. The series will debut in Fall of 2011, and is said to combine elements of magic, danger, and adventure – all set within an alternate version of Portland, Oregon. mediabistro.

Your favorite glossies…collector’s items? Though it seems as if magazines are a dime a dozen right now; Future Publishing’s chief executive officer, Stevie Spring, has stated that, given the rise of popularity in digital media, print offerings, such as magazines, will someday become antiquated collector’s items more important to own than to actually enjoy content-wise. PressGazette.

Over to you…have you read Lemonade Mouth? What do you think of musicals – yay or nay? Which one is your favorite? Are you a fan of The Decemberists? Will you be reading Colin Meloy’s trilogy? What do you think of the magazine industry? Do you really think that magazines will someday be collector’s items – why or why not?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

2 Responses to “inkpop Fundamentals: May 4, 2010”

  1. mscheponik said

    Awww, I’d be sad to see magazines become obsolete, honestly. When I get my Seventeen or Cosmo in the mail, it always cheers me up, especially if I come home from class to see the magazine waiting for me on the table. I don’t know, it’s just nicer to curl up on a favorite chair or whatever to read the magazine in print instead of spending even MORE time on the computer.

  2. Evie said

    Never read it. But I do love musicals (the real ones! Not the made-for-movie ones -_-), but NOT High School Musical! So if this is the next High School Musical…nope…not happy about it.

    I’ve never even heard of them. I won’t read them just because they don’t appeal to me.

    I haven’t bought a magazine in…years! It’s probably been about 8-10 years or so. Magazines as collectors? Nah…unless they’re important. Well, I mean…nah, I change my mind back. They don’t need to be collectors items. Books on the other hand…

    Evie! 🙂

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