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inkpopper of the Week: isabella2296

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on May 31, 2010

“I’m a strange thirteen-year-old and a self-described geek. My proof is that I love both math and writing. Seriously, you can’t get much geekier than that. I also happen to be rather uncoordinated. And clumsy. And uncoordinated. There was that one time in Biology with the burner and that girl with really long hair… and that other time in “Introduction to Stage Combat” where I managed to strangle someone for real by accident… and then, of course, 7th grade Home Economics with the knife and the cooking partner…. You get the idea.

“I also have a dog named Dragon. He’s roughly the size of my laptop screen, and he’s surprisingly similar to me. For example, if I throw a ball in his general direction and it lands more than a foot away, he won’t bother to go and fetch it. Occasionally he’ll make a valiant effort and sort of wander over, but he usually gives up halfway through and plops down on the floor. He shares my singing abilities as well; we both have pleasantly screechy voices that refuse to hit the proper notes. I’m pretty sure we’ve actually invented notes that haven’t yet been invented for a reason.”

Notes, however, aren’t the only thing that inkpopper isabella2296 is busy at work making up. Not only has her inkpop project Winter Child been named a Top Pick, receiving a beautiful review from HarperCollins Editor’s; she was also named the Editorial Winner of inkpop’s recent Supernatural Writing Contest for her short story Twelve-Nine-Six-Three.

You were recently the Editorial Winner of inkpop’s Supernatural Writing Contest for your short story Twelve-Nine-Six-Three. How do you feel to have received such an honor? What was the writing process like for this particular project?

isabella2296:Being the Editorial Winner came as a huge surprise for me. I wrote the short story a week or so prior to the announcement of the contest, and so when I realized the theme worked for my story, I decided to enter just for the heck of it. There were a lot of amazing stories and I had a good time reading and voting on them. When I got the email telling me that I was the Editorial Winner, I screamed and ran around in circles and hugged my dog. My dog, having been asleep at this time, didn’t appreciate it as much as I did, however.

The writing process for Twelve-Nine-Six-Three was a little different from how I usually write. Typically I have a vague idea of what I want to happen and face-palm my way through the story. However, this time I was actually inspired by a story I read in Teen Ink magazine. I admired the surreal effect the writer created and I tried to do something a little similar. For probably one of the first times, I planned out the story and apparently that worked well. It came more easily than usual, basically flowing out of my fingertips. If only everything I wrote was like that….

You mention in your profile that you are “compiling a list of twenty goals to accomplish by the time you graduate high school.” What are you doing to determine what goes on this list? Can you share with us what you have listed on it and why?

isabella2296: I suppose you could call it a “bucket list” although I’d be graduating high school instead of dying. It’s a sort of fun thing I started one day when I was thinking about my terminal shyness, and how on sites such as MyLifeIsAverage you read about all these awesome people who do awesome things. My list has expanded considerably and includes: becoming romantically involved with a non-vampire (zombies are so much sexier, don’t you think?), being one of the crazy NaNoWriMos who manages to write something like 8 billion words in one month, finally getting a snuggie and wearing it everywhere, and of course, getting a novel published.

If you had the chance to star as a character in any book (not on inkpop) what book would it be and why? Would you be a character that has already been created, or a new one?

isabella2296: If I could be any character in any book… I’d have to go with good old Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. She’s smart, relatively pretty, and best of all, she hardly gets injured during the series! I’d love to be able to use magic and to attend Hogwarts, with all the quirky teachers and shifting staircases and everything. It’s something I’ve dreamed about since I first picked up a Harry Potter book, and I even furtively checked the mail on my eleventh birthday (I’m still waiting, actually).

How do you combat writer’s block? Do you have any tips for beating out writer’s block that you’d like to share with us?

isabella2296: I recently discovered my personal best solution for writer’s block. The important thing is to write, but especially when what you’re writing actually pertains to what is blocking you. For example, I got stuck in the middle of a chapter of Winter Child. I picked a random character and wrote the rest of the scene from his perspective. After that, I was able to complete the chapter without a hitch. At least for me, it doesn’t matter if the character picked is a major or minor character or whether the “fake” scene has anything to do with the “real” scene. It just gets the writing juices flowing and I’ve used the technique multiple times since I’ve found it.

How does your success on inkpop make you feel about the future of your writing career?

isabella2296: Of course the success makes me feel optimistic. It’s greatly boosted my self-esteem when it comes to writing, but I know I still have a lot of work to do and many places to improve on! inkpop and other writing communities have helped me grow so much in the past few months, and I hope to grow even more as a writer. If I don’t slack off, I think I might have a shot at publishing a novel in several years.

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite animal? Foxes. They are so adorable! Squee!
What’s on your iPod? Green Day’s American Idiot album, along with a couple songs from Dookie; Sum41; Blink 182; Jimmy Eat World; Jack’s Mannequin.
Music or movies? Music, all the way. I’m not a huge fan of movies although I don’t mind watching one now and then. A Beautiful Mind, for instance, was beautiful as the mind it was about.
Favorite book? Catcher in the Rye.
Cotton candy or potato chips? TATER CHIPS!

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

4 Responses to “inkpopper of the Week: isabella2296”

  1. Nella said

    Congrats! She’s really quirky I like it 😀

  2. Driaday said

    Congrats! Good luck on your high school bucket list! Nano really isn’t that hard!

  3. Nilsya said

    Congrats Isabella. The foxes are really cute.

  4. Cara said

    congrats isabella. the flowers are really pretty and this was so much fun to read. you’re so adorable. 🙂

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