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inkpop Fundamentals: June 3, 2010

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on June 3, 2010

Hungry to know…who should play Katniss? While some are counting down the days until August 24, 2010, the day that Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay, the Final Installment in The Hunger Games series, will officially go on sale; others are eagerly awaiting the film adaptation that is scheduled to begin production in early 2011. The question is…who will be cast in the role of sixteen-year-old Katniss? MTV has selected three young starlets who may be perfect for the role – Malese Jow, Jodelle Ferland, and Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario. Now they want your input to uncover the perfect person to play the raven-haired Katniss! MTV.

‘Twilight’…the credit card? If you thought that the world couldn’t get more Twilight obsessed what with the movie posters, memorabilia, clothing lines, films, and books…you were wrong. MasterCard and Summit Entertainment have banned together to bring you Eclipse-themed gift cards and prepaid credit/debit cards. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse MYPLASH Prepaid MasterCard will be available nationwide starting July 1, 2010 (one day after the film release of Eclipse) and will be offered in nine styles – Edward, Bella, Jacob, Rosalie, the entire Cullen Clan, the Wolf Pack Family, the Volturi Men, and two varieties of the Twilight Trinity (Bella, Edward, and Jacob together). The card is said to teach financial responsibility to teens in a fashionable way. Cullen Boys Anonymous.

On stage with Bridget Author Helen Fielding struck gold when she thought up the character of British Bridget Jones. Since her debut in 1999 via the tongue-in-cheek chick lit work Bridget Jones’s Diary, she has been a fan favorite; going on to star not only in a literary sequel – The Edge of Reason – but films based on both titles, as well. Now it is said that Bridget will be taking her place onstage via a play adaptation of the Fielding novel; and rumors are swirling that songstress Lily Allen is currently working on the score for the musical. The Guardian.

Over to you…are you a fan of The Hunger Games? Who do you think would be the perfect person to play Katniss and why? What do you think of the Twilight-themed credit/debit/gift cards? Will you be getting one? Do you think that they have gone too far with Twilight-themed memorabilia – why or why not? What do you think of adapting a book for the theater? Are you a Bridget Jones fan?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

16 Responses to “inkpop Fundamentals: June 3, 2010”

  1. Evie said

    And none of those people! NO! They need an unknown! I would be so pissed if they casted any of those people…Hollywood needs new faces.

    On my freaking god…yes, they’re going overboard! I’m so annoyed with seeing it everywhere!

    It sure is more creative than a movie…I’m tired of books-to-movies! -_-

  2. sakira said

    I think the credit card scheme is to attract teens into getting the credit card, but it’s interesting to see how Twilight is expanding in the world. Makes you wonder what’s coming up next.

    Also I think that….

    “MasterCard and Summit Entertainment have banned together to bring you Eclipse-themed gift cards and prepaid credit/debit cards ”

    is supposed to read….

    “MasterCard and Summit Entertainment have [banded] together to bring you Eclipse-themed gift cards and prepaid credit/debit cards”

  3. MIC said

    I think Evie J would be perfect for the role of Katniss! Lol …

    All three of the actors suggested look like they could play the part
    and pull it off well … I agree with Evie that it’s fun to see brand new faces
    on the screen–especially with something we love so much like HUNGER GAMES!

    As to Twilight, what are you gonna do? I think the craze is well overboard already, regardless of the credit cards, lol … but it’s a fun story and people love it, so why
    not let people be happy with buying fun stuff?

    What makes me sad is that it seems authors these days are more intent on getting
    their book made into a movie instead of creating the book just to have the book … like you’re not successful unless your book is made into a movie or a series … it’s too bad 😦

  4. hoodedemo said

    I would like to see new faces also in THE HUNGER GAMES movie. And I am so relieved to know Suzanne Collins herself is writing the script.

    I don’t exactly know who could ever play Katniss, but I do know who I’d want to play Haymitch. Someone named…Johnny Depp? *shields self from angry fans* Come on! He’d be perfect. xDDDD

  5. Peyton said


    I was like…awe, their going to mess up the movie, but then I found out Suzanne Collins was writing the script. I’m really excited now :]

    They should have some new faces, ;]. But I agree with Johnny Depp, I mean, he can play a drunken pirate, why not an old man? He’d be PERFECT, and funny x)

  6. theblob said

    I think out of those three, Troian Bellisario would make the best one. But new faces would be nice. I sincerely hope they don’t go for a hunk who can’t act as Peeta or Gale!

  7. Narnia Fan said

    Am I a fan of The Hunger Games? Definitely!

    Who do I think would be the perfect person to play Katniss? Unfortunately, I don’t know who any of the actresses are… I’m not much of a TV-watcher.

    What do I think of the new Twilight-themed credit/debit/gift cards? Frankly, I think they’re about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.

    Will I be getting one? Death first! (Think Princess Bride :D)

    Do I think they’ve gone too far with Twilight-themed memorabilia? Ugh, yes.

    What do I think of adapting a book for the theater? Since I’ve done that with excellent results, I don’t think I’m in a position to criticize it. 🙂

    Am I a Bridget Jones fan? Well, I’m not much for chick-lit.

  8. Nella said

    Jeebus! This is just as bad as those fans that tried replicating Bella’s womb *gag* Oh, the fandom is getting to be way too much.

  9. Is that for real? An Eclipse Mastercard?
    W.O.W. I never thought they will be as big as that.
    Don’t you think it’s a little bit exaggerating?

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