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Changing inkpop

Posted by inkpopbecki on June 4, 2010


So as you know there are a lot of changes coming to inkpop in the next few months. We want to keep you in the loop about all of these changes as well as get your opinion so that you can help us make some of these changes. Today we’re launching a question to help start the conversation. For a free form discussion of changes you would like to see, feel free to visit our brand new forum thread Help Us Remake inkpop.

Today’s Question: How can we reach the largest group of inkpoppers? We want to try to communicate all the changes that are going to be coming down the line in a way that reaches the largest number of inkpoppers. What do you think would be the best way for us to pose questions? How can we reach the largest number of you in an organized fashion? What do you want to hear about? Would you take surveys or polls?

We are looking forward to hearing back from you. Keep an eye out for more post about changes to inkpop!

9 Responses to “Changing inkpop”

  1. Dana said

    I think e-mail is not going to be a super successful way of communicating. It’s a bit too impersonal.

    I’m not sure if it’s possible to be able to send a mass message via inkpop to everyone’s account, but if it if, I think that is the best idea. Also, if you admins created an account called HAPERCOLLINS or something along those lines, people could message that account for changes suggestions.
    I think Questions should be asked by one per week, regarding a certain change you guys are thinking about making. Say you are going to rearrange the set up of the forums (this is just a random fill-in suggestion. It’s not important) and you are wondering how to execute it or how we inkpoppers feel about it. You will send out a message to everyone saying, “What do you think about this idea?” And then give the details of it. People will be able to message you back with their thoughts on the idea. Or put it in the forum topic.

    Polls are definitely a good idea.

    YAY for changes! 🙂


  2. Evie said

    Polls are definitely a good idea. On other forums I’m on, there are poll options for threads. So you could have a poll that allows comments so we can discuss further.

    I think a way that could help get notices out, would be a tab like we have “Happening-Now” and “My News” and such that let’s everyone know when an “Administrative Post” comes up, or something like that. Maybe a part of the blog just for that so that it’s not mixed with other blog posts? The questions could pop up in that tab, and when we clicked on them, it’d take us to the place to discuss and put into our opinions. I mean, it needs to be visible, although…we still have people who don’t even know about the blog…

    What I think really needs to happen, though, is an email whenever the site is going to go “down.” There are times when I (and others as well) have been in the process of commenting and then the site shuts down or the server goes out, which is really bad when some comments take an hour to do. A warning ahead of time would really be beneficial.

  3. Nella said

    I don’t think mass messaging would be a good idea since people could abuse it for spamming :/

    A pol/survey would be an excellent idea. I want to have a differetent section for ‘my news’ and ‘my friends’s news’.

    • Dana said

      Let me clarify my “mass-messaging” idea here. I meant that the admins could send one message to everyone so it appears in their inkpop messages. No one else would be able to use the mass messaging feature but the admins. I just meant it as a way to get the word out to the users, not form user to user.

      I do like Evie’s idea better though: The tab idea. One place for all things administrative.

  4. Jade said

    I think it would be neat to have a little box on our profiles (only visible to us) with admin announcements.

  5. drsheridan said

    i basically support every idea here. some sort of admin section of the site w/ announcements, etc, or a mass-message.

  6. Saige said

    How about a news column that goes down the side of the page? It can have three or four news announcements, and it can either be on the Main Page, or all of them.

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