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inkpop Fundamentals: June 8, 2010

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on June 8, 2010

Paging Dr. Osbourne We’ve seen him fumble words and rock out onstage; now fans are about to be introduced to a new side of Ozzy Osbourne. Having published his book I Am Ozzy just a few short months ago; it seems as if Osbourne has been bitten with the writing bug, for he has now been offered the role of Health Advice Columnist for The Sunday Times magazine – and opportunity which he quickly scooped up. The column will place Osbourne in the role of amateur Doctor as he answers readers’ health questions on a daily basis. M & C.

Introducing the interactive book The name of the game will forever be to stay one step ahead of the trends. To constantly come up with new ideas that will keep teens and young adults interested in the next big thing; a sentiment which Slate has taken into serious consideration as they introduce their next showstopper…the interactive book! The brainchild of writers Laura Moser and Lauren Mechling, My Darklyng is an interactive YA novel starring 10th grader Natalie Pollock, an individual with a dream to star on the cover of the next book in a vampire series that she simply cannot get enough of. To truly engage readers, the authors have set up a Facebook page for Natalie; established Twitter accounts for many of the characters; and will introduce new chapters to the story every Friday through August 2010. Slate.

Sister Sister Love them or hate them; siblings are oftentimes an integral part of growing up – thus the reason they are so enjoyable in the world of literature. The bond between siblings – especially sisters – is one that nurtures a story and adds both depth and backbone to a book. In Jane Austen’s Emma there was the relationship between Harriet and Emma; in Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women there was the love and loathing between the March Sisters. Now The Guardian wants to know…who is your favorite sister act in literature?

Over to you…what do you think of allowing someone with no medical knowledge to hand out health advice to readers? Do you feel that Ozzy is fit to be a health advice columnist – why or why not? Will you be reading this interactive novel? What do you think of interactive novels in general – yay or nay? What do you think of the sibling bond in books? What book do you feel portrayed siblings – either sisters or brothers – the most realistically and why?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

4 Responses to “inkpop Fundamentals: June 8, 2010”

  1. Evie said

    ………………… -_- This just goes to show people how celebrities get anything and everything they want. No comment.

    Probably not. Why do they need to be interactive? Reading is reading. If something is there to district me from reading, I’m not going to pay attention to the words as much.

    Um, I’m not sure. I like when books have close siblings, but no specific book comes to mind.

  2. adzant said

    I don’t like the idea of the interactive novel.
    It just seems like a lot to do just to get a good read.
    I’d rather just look for a story I like and read it.
    If I want to work to read a story, I’ll do it myself.

    I like Jane and Elizabeth from Pride & Prejudice. They were supportive of each other no matter what.

  3. drsheridan said

    *getting off floor from laughing so hard*
    Ozzy Osborne giving medical advice? Do these people even know how many drugs are in his system? Jeez, what a Twitter feed can’t get you these days…

    The interactive novel sounds… interesting. I kind of like the Twitter for a character idea. On Facebook they’ve created pages for characters from TV shows and they’re often very funny.

    Favorite siblings book… well, I’m an only child, not sure if I can be an excellent judge of that… but Angela’s Ashes is full of sibling love & rivalry. And death. But whatever. I honestly just look for opportunities to mention that book, it’s my hands-down favorite.

  4. Narnia Fan said

    What do I think of allowing somebody with no medical knowledge to hand out advice? You don’t want to know.

    Do I feel that Ozzy is fit to be a health advice columnist? I don’t actually know who he is aside from that article, so I’m not qualified to say.

    Will I be reading the interactive novel? Even if I read the book, I’m not going to bother with the paraphernalia.

    What do I think of interactive novels in general? I think they’re kind of degrading… a lot of the power of a book is in its mystery and all the things it leaves to the readers imagination.

    What do I think of the sibling bond in books? I love it! I enjoy my book about siblings much more than the one about an only child. Siblings are the spice of life!

    What book do I feel portrayed siblings most realistically? Probably Little Women and the little-known Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson.

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