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WWC: Summer Lovin’!

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on June 19, 2010

Oh, summer romance! From random summer camp hook ups to summer flings people never forget, the heat doesn’t just radiate off the sun during this season.

Get ready to show the WWC some Loooooove!


“Summer Lovin’!”

★ Launch Date: Sunday, June 17th, 2010
★ Due Date: Saturday, June 26th, 2010 by 11:59 PM (Pacific Time)

Challenge Details

For the “Summer Lovin’!” Challenge, participants will be asked to write a short story dealing with summer romance. Whether it’s a comedy, tragedy, or mystery, the main component of any entry will have to be how the participants incorporate their idea of a summer romance.

Since romance is a part of almost every person’s life, participants are encouraged to draw their inspiration from their own experiences! If you’ve ever had a summer fling, write about it! Remember that crush you had in summer school? Use that!


★ Formatting: Short Story
★ 700 WORD MIN/8,000 WORD MAX
★ Use First Person POV
★ In the Long Pitch name the genres you used

Extra Challenge Requirements

★ Use a Secondary Genre (Your main genre is Romance, your secondary can be: Comedy, Horror, Supernatural, Historical, Fantasy, Mystery, Steampunk, Science Fiction, etc.)
Alternate Perspectives between any two characters (ex. Two side characters, the two main characters, etc.)
★ Include a “Complication” in the relationship (ex. someone is moving away, a love triangle, unrequited love, etc.)
★ One of the main characters must have an “Unattractive Attribute” (ex. bad scar, crooked nose, etc.)
★ End the entry in a Cliffhanger

Post links to all entries in the Week TWELVE Challenge Thread.

Should you have any questions regarding this challenge please e-mail, or visit the Weekly Writer’s Challenge inkpop Profile.

Good luck inkpoppers!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

6 Responses to “WWC: Summer Lovin’!”

  1. LA Knight said

    She stole my contest title! SILA! Why would you DO that?!?!?!

    Hehe, lol
    Okay, I am SO doing this. But I think you made a mistake cuz it says it’s dune June 12, which was 7 days ago and starts Sunday, June 17 (Sunday is the 20).

    • Sila said

      I did? Sorry about that, I was totally unaware you were usin it. It’s such a common title, and I got it from a song lyric; yah know, “summer lovin, happened so fast. . . ” it’s a great song.

      Oh sugar. I wonder how the dates got messed up. Anyways, I will see if that can get fixed. I it can’t I’ll post the dates as a comment here. Thanks for noticing that LA!

  2. Nella said

    Oh, I want to enter this one!!!

  3. NightWriter said

    What are the dates? June 17th isn’t a Sunday and June 12th can’t be the deadline if June 17th is the launch. June 17th can’t be the launch if this post was put up on June 19th.

    I’m confused.

  4. Weekly Writer's Challenge said

    Folks, I am very sorry for the confusion! Somehow the wrong dates were put into the blog. I’m attempting to fix the issue, however I’d also like to say that the Week 12 Challenge has just launched.

    The correct dates are: Sunday 6/20/2010-Saturday 6/26/2010

    Here is the link to the Summer Lovin’ Challenge thread:

    I hope that this helps to alleviate the confusion a bit!


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