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inkpop Fundamentals: June 22, 2010

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on June 22, 2010

To ‘Olympian’ and beyond! Though a full four months remains until Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero, the first installment of The Heroes of Olympus series (a spin-off of Percy Jackson & The Olympians), officially hits bookstores, rumors have already begun swirling about what the new series will hold. Luckily for diehard fans, you don’t have to wait…at least not completely. The first two chapters of The Lost Hero have been released Online for your reading pleasure. Simply visit this website, and type in the password newhero for your sneak peek! Entertainment Weekly.

Say goodbye to your BFF As the saying goes…“Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Friends are an extension of our personalities; the select few we choose to welcome into our lives to share each and every moment with, from gossiping about the revelations found within the latest Pretty Little Liars or Hunger Games book to summers full of slumber parties under the stars. Now, however, many school officials across the nation are working to put a stop to “best friend” relationships, which involve a close bond between two parties because they feel it enforces “clique” behavior. The New York Times.

The rating game Growing up is hard to do; luckily, tween and teen magazines like Girls’ Life and SIX7*8TH have always made the transition from childhood to adolescence and young adult-dom fairly easy with tips for studying success, easy beauty regimens we can do at home, and an abundance of other tips to help us along. But what if we didn’t have such easy access to publications like this? In Australia, the YWCA women’s organization is working to create a rating system wherein magazines such as this would be labeled with a PG rating so that parents are aware of the potential body-image issues they can create in readers; and they’re urging publishers to adopt it! Strollerderby.

Over to you…on a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for the release of Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero? Will you be reading the sneak peek, or do you have the strength to wait until October to read the book in its entirety? Do you have a best friend? Do you feel it’s appropriate for school officials to stop “best friend” relationships – why or why not? Are you a reader of tween/teen magazines? Which ones? Do you think that these publications should be part of a rating system – why or why not?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

9 Responses to “inkpop Fundamentals: June 22, 2010”

  1. drsheridan said

    Stopping “best friend” relationships just seems kind of stupid to me… and it’s also impossible to enforce. Nowadays a lot of kids have multiple “best friends”. I have “school best friends” and “camp best friends” and “neighborhood best friends”, etc. I don’t think they enforce cliques in any way… and face it, schools can try as hard as they want, but there’s no way to fix the clique problem. It’s one of those things that will exist forever.

    I kind of like the magazine-ratings idea, however, because it has genuine merit. I used to read Teen Vogue until I realized that there was an article about food in every issue (typically on what kind of food you should and shouldn’t be eating), and there’s pictures of super-skinny models on every other page. I’m pretty much okay with my body, but the magazines and other advertisements that girls are bombarded with make even self-confident girls start to think that they look “wrong”. so I say go for it!

  2. Nella said

    5. I’m not that excited now that I found Percy won’t be the MC! Why? I mean Rioardan is an excellent writer but I loved PJO. I don’t want to read about anyone else, 😥
    Seriously? Ugh I might give him a chance but…

    Stopping best friends? That’s kind of stupid. I understand schools hate cliques but you can’t stop that. The school doesn’t have the right to do that. School can stop bullying but not friendship.

  3. Minilove said


    Keeping people from having “best friends” is ridiculous. I have a friend that I’ve known for almost four years, and we’re like sisters! I don’t know what I’d do without her.

    Separating best friends isn’t the answer.

    And having lots of friends isn’t good either, because then you get stuck in a popularity contest and forget who really loves you and who will turn around and stab you in the back.

    That would tick me off.

  4. Laney said

    Do you have a best friend? Do you feel it’s appropriate for school officials to stop “best friend” relationships – why or why not?

    I have a couple best friends. I think that schools are stupid if they think stopping best friend relationships. It’s not possible. And besides that, kids need more one on one relationships, to really build friendships and social skills. I believe it also helps for them to relate to more people on different levels.

    And I don’t think ending best friend relationships would end cliques. There will always be cliques.

    Are you a reader of tween/teen magazines? Which ones? Do you think that these publications should be part of a rating system – why or why not?

    I loved teen magazines! I read everything from Seventeen to Tigerbeat, Bop, J-14, Twist, Popstar, M and occasionally Teen Vogue. I believe that the rating system might not be a bad thing. I mean I’ve been reading Seventeen since I was 14, so the topic never really bothered me. But it might be nice for parents to know ratings of magazines so they can decide if it is good for their child to read.

  5. Lycanthrope said

    Yup, I will be reading the first two chapters of The Lost Hero online- I have absolutely no restraint over long periods of time.
    However, I just watched Toy Story 3 and sobbed my eyes out (I’ve been a Woody fan since I was two, and used to watch Toy story at least 2-3 times a day) , so I will be reading it when I’m in a better mood XD

  6. Peyton said

    Huh? 1, I guess. Never heard of that series!

    I think it’s stupid, but I couldn’t really tell you. I’m home schooled.

    I’m not a fan of magazines… I think they should do a ‘PG’ thing, in my opinion. I have noticed some parents getting ticked about what’s in some of them. But I think the parent would feel more safe.

  7. Kristen Ahrens said

    I wasn’t actually aware of the Percy Jackson spin-offs until now… I guess my excitement would be a three.

    I’ll try to contain my rabid fan-ness until October. 🙂

    Do I have a best friend? Well, technically, my sister is my best friend. As for non-relatives, yes, I do have a best friend of that kind, too.

    No, I don’t think it’s appropriate for schools to try to eliminate best-friend relationships. However, I’m not going to break out in sweat over it, because it’s totally unenforceable.

    Am I a reader of teen/tween magazines? No, but just from what I’ve seen at the library where I work, some of those things are definitely PG-worthy.

  8. Gracie Jordan said

    I do not believe that schools have the right to say if students can have best friends or not. That has nothing to do with clique behavior. My best friend and I have lived very seperate lives since upper middle school. We still talk and see eachother but we’ve run in different circles. Clique behavior is based off of a completely different social norm than best friends are. Yes, there is some clique-ish behavior but most of the time it doesn’t stem from petty jealousies but rather a desire to spend one-on-one time with the person who gets you most.

    Here’s the problem with rating systems: they are judged by people. Who decides what is appropriate for a child? A tween? A teenager? The MPAA system works pretty well since they have spent decades perfecting the system but still I watch a PG movie and think “I so don’t want my kid hearing this”. Recently B&N has taken to using the CSM. This is a parent-run site where each person is given the opportunity to put their two cents in. I read a review where the book (Kelley Armstrong’s Summoning) was deemed inappropriate for younger readers simply because the girl started her period and two kids were ACCUSED of kissing in the closet. Another book by Sarah Dessen was said to have sex where even Dessen was nonplussed as to where it was. Until there is a good system created many people would stop their children from reading things that may affect them better at one age until they are too old to relate because somebody said they didnt’ want their kids reading it. Really parents, is it so hard to review the material yourself and deem whether or not it is appropriate for your children? Why would you leave something like that in someone elses hands? Had such ratings been around when I was 13 I would have never been given the opportunities to read the books I so enjoyed because they would have been ‘rated’ inappropriate.

  9. LA Knight said

    They want to stop best friends to get rid of cliques? That’s not going to happen. It might even make it worse.

    We’ll see about the Rick Riordan book. I reserve judgement.

    Put ratings on magazines. They’re on everything else.

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