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Help Us Redesign inkpop

Posted by inkpopbecki on June 25, 2010

It’s Friday, which means more questions about what you would like to see from us at inkpop. You can also fill out our survey or post ideas on our inkpop forum here.

1)      While currently we have a few systems in place, such as inkpopper of the week and top picks, to really bring attention to you, the inkpoppers, we hear that you would like us to do more. Please describe other programs that we might be able to create to bring more attention to the outstanding work many of you are doing on inkpop.

2)      What actions on the site do you think makes a trendsetter?

3)      A lot of talk has been about encouraging helpful comments. Could you describe a system that might help determine if a comment is helpful?

19 Responses to “Help Us Redesign inkpop”

  1. Redhead said

    1) Inkpoppers could vote on “badges” for people, like “good commentor” or “Nice to talk with” that the person can display on their profile
    2)I think trendsetters should be based on how active they are, and possibly a little bit of it is what books they pick.
    3) I think the author/other readers could vote on how helpful the comment was, and each vote counts towards a person’s “score.”

    4) Have a separate, private forum for CC’ers and RP’ers.

  2. Evie said

    1) No, please no. InkPop is already overflowing with competition, and adding anything else to that will make it worse. We do not need people going around trying to earn badges and all that. Honestly, the only thing I can think of that can even help that, is leave the InkPopper of the Week on for a week. It’s normally on for a day, and nobody ever sees it. There are people who still don’t even know it exists.

    2) Active, how many comments, length of comments, helpful. These should be people that newbies can go to. Like MIC, I think, is the best #1 we could have.

    3) That’s impossible to do because we’re all at different levels, and we all think differently about things. Even if you put a voting system in for people to vote on good comments, it wouldn’t work too well. You’d have people who would rate a long comment full of constructive criticism low because they don’t like what it says. Then you have the people that leave long “helpful” comments, but are actually full of crap, but the person who votes on it, may think it’s good. And if people can’t leave helpful comments, then they can’t leave helpful comments. I just think there needs to be a word count minimum on comments. Maybe 10 words. I suppose you could have an outline for comments, but then you’d have the lazy people that would just put “good” under stuff. That’s not helpful; it’s just annoying. With all the people on this site, it’s impossible to get people to leave helpful comments unless it’s in their nature.
    HOWEVER, I think there needs to be consequences for those who promise hundreds of people reads, and haven’t, and will not because it’s impossible. If someone’s scamming people, there needs to be a punishment.

    And amen to what Redhead said. The Character Chats, in my opinion, need to be the focus right now on this redesign. It’s doing nothing but causing arguments. Just the other day, everything in the newsfeed was a character chat. That’s crap. Something needs to be done. Take them out of the newsfeed, and if you can’t give them their own forum, and out of the newsfeed, then ban them. Yeah, that’ll make some people mad, but the site itself is more important than the few people who character chat. They are taking away from the site, regardless of what anyone says. At this rate, come 2-3 months from now, all this site is going to be is character chats and then “Oh, hey, we can upload work on here!” Seriously, something needs to be done. This is just terrible.

  3. Hey Guys!
    Just wanted to send a quick update on where we are with the redesign for inkpop. We appreciate all your comments and we want you to know we have heard you. We’re going to send periodic updates about elements that will definitely be included in the inkpop redesign.
    *Private Messages: Now when you message a friend not everyone will be able to see what you’re saying.

    *Character Chats: We hear ya guys! We are trying to put in a new forum system where we can move forum threads into appropriate folders. There will be one specifically dedicated to character chats and we will try to make sure these stay out of the “Happening Now” announcements.

    Keep checking back on the inkpop forum (! We are going to keep you abreast of all the new things to come. If you have any specific questions you can always message me as well.

  4. Cara said

    The only thing more I think we could do to acknowledge people besides top trendsetters and top picks, is add a “top critics” section but I understand that would be a bit complicated to pull off.

    I think as far as the figuring out what is a good, helpful comment we should have guidelines or something for people to look at like the person said things that need to be improved, if there were any, while also bringing up the good things they liked and then people should be able to “like” a comment if it meets those guidelines.

    I really appreciate all the time and effort the inkpop staff is putting in to make inkpop even better. 🙂

  5. isabella2296 said

    I like Cara’s idea about having “top critics”. This would encourage a lot of people to write better critiques, but on the other hand, it’s like Evie said – implementing a system where comments are rated is difficult. Many people would try to cater to the writer by saying only good things. However, if an author really likes a certain person’s critique, perhaps that author could give that critiquer a badge or something. To prevent people from doing things like I’ll-badge-you-if-you-badge-me, there could be a limit, like only giving out three badges a week. The people with the most badges could be listed as the top critics or something.

  6. Redhead said

    Oh! And there should be a ‘Mature’ tag for books with more, well, mature themes

  7. MIC said

    I think regardless of trendsetter ranking, or book ranking, or even if there were a critic ranking, we all know who these people are anyway … badges would be a wasted effort. We all know within inkpop who the best critics are, who’s got the publishable stories, and who knows how to pick projects that will do well.

    As far as the trendsetters go, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to hide the ranking … so only the user would know what their ranking was. I think too many inkpoppers are caught up in ranking and aren’t picking because they want to support good projects. The trendsetter system works fine, but I think a lot of the disapproval with the system would go away if we didn’t know who was ranked what. I would fully support that idea.

    And unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a system that would aide to helpful comments … people are who they are … I think it’s already ingrained in individuals whether or not they have the desire to be helpful to other authors …

    • Redhead said

      Well, some really great books aren’t well known.

      • MIC said

        Aren’t well known to the community as a whole? Yes. But are they well known to active inkpoppers? You bet. If you’re here long enough and have a keen eye, it’s obvious where the good stories are. There are some hidden gems out there that get swallowed up, but only because the author isn’t doing anything to show themselves. And if the author isn’t doing that, than what’s the point of rewarding them? 🙂

      • Nella said

        You reward them because they had a great story 🙂

      • MIC said

        Hahaha … look at our mini debate here, lol … if an author isn’t going to put in the work by reading others work and getting their face out there, they don’t deserve and award. This isn’t a ‘come to this site and get a reward if you have a good story’ site … the reward is getting good feedback from peers and (hopefully) a review from a HC editor. 🙂

      • Nella said

        I guess inkpop is all about marketing just like the book biz sometimes 😛

  8. Nella said

    Well, there are a lot of things I would like to change 😛
    Some things that are deemed impossible. I’ll tell you my thoughts on a voting system, even thought my ideas are not very popular.

    The reason I wanted it because maybe that way we could appreciate the quality of a work instead of just picking.

    A voting/rating system would help inkies know what they’re great and what they could improve on. Characters? Great. Grammar? It could use work.

    Something similar to the Forbidden Love Contest/Supernatural Contest voting system.

    On the trendsetter thing: I like MIC as our #1 as well. Well, I’m pretty active so I would be in the top 10 but do I pick the best novels? Hmm, I don’t know.

    I wish trendsetters ranks would be invisible, then trendsetters woulnd’t get as much spamming and people in the late 800s wouldn’t feel bad about their ranking.

  9. Evie said

    Hmmm…I just had an idea for making more members known. I’m not sure it would work though. You know how we have the “Read it Now” book on the front page? I think it’d be cool to have a member on the homepage too. Maybe the most active members at that time. Like members who are never on wouldn’t be there, but people who are online and active would be shuffled? Just Evie’s brain on a roll…

  10. Jen LoGalbo said

    I think I’ve mentioned this before. Think about Ebay and how members are rated. For inkpop, a rating system wouldn’t be a bad idea on return swaps. This would certainly put an end to all those people who don’t return reads as promised. Just a thought.

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