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inkpop Fundamentals: June 29, 2010

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on June 29, 2010

Meyer gives vamps the kiss of death Despite the fact that vampires are one of the prime factors that put author Stephenie Meyer on the literary map; the Twilight author recently revealed that she is “burned out on vampires.” According to Meyer, she wants to retain the integrity of her writing; and until she feels a desire to write about vamps again, she’s giving them the kiss off. This revelation comes not long after the illegal leak of a draft of Midnight Sun – a Twilight project told through the eyes of Edward, written by Meyer herself, which has been put on hiatus for the time being. Twilight Series Theories.

When cartoons and clothes collide It’s no surprise that music has always influenced fashion and vice versa; now, however, with the creation of TOON TRENDZ, teen fashion is getting an update from some of the most beloved characters from 90s Nickelodeon cartoons, such as Tommy Pickles and Chuckie from Rugrats to Ickis and Krumm from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. Part Polyvore, part pop culture trip down memory lane, TOON TRENDZ creates complete fashion collages recreating the looks that your favorite childhood avatars rocked. PSFK Salon.

The launch of literary camps Back in 2006, an independent bookstore located in Austin, Texas called BookPeople opened Camp Half-Blood, a literary day-camp created for children ages nine to fourteen, based upon Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Since then, they have held literary camps for Kirsten Miller’s Kiki Strike, Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi’s The Spiderwick Chronicles, and a Half-Moon Investigation Camp based on Eoin Colfer’s Half-Moon Investigations. This year, BookPeople made the decision to launch something new – the Ranger’s Apprentice Corps Training Camp. Based on John Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice series; the Ranger’s Apprentice Corps Training Camp opened its doors to seventy-five campers who spent a total of five days in McKinney State Park learning archery, tracking, and even first aid. Publisher’s Weekly.

Over to you…what do you think of Meyer’s decision to put vamps on the backburner? Would you read Midnight Sun if it reached the stage of publication – why or why not? If you could recreate the wardrobe of any cartoon character for yourself, who would it be and why? Will you be attending camp this summer? If you could attend a camp based on any book/book series, which one would it be and why?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

12 Responses to “inkpop Fundamentals: June 29, 2010”

  1. Evie said

    I think it’s smart. I’m one to think that writers need to be versatile and not always write about the same thing. But, no, I would not read Midnight Sun because I’m not a Twilight fan. I read the books before the movie because of a deal I had with a former friend, and I didn’t care for them.

    Hmmm….I’m not sure. ANGELICA!!! Just because I love her! And oh my gosh! This brought back memories for sure! I LOVE Rugrats and Aaaah!!!! Real Monsters!

    No camp for me. I’ve never been to camp. -_- But I would definitely go to a Hunger Games one or Vampire Academy! That would be plain awesome!!! Except I’m a little old for that now. They’d have to have two camps; one for the kid fans, and one for the older fans, in my opinion.

  2. Shirley R. Kleiner said

    On Meyer giving up vamps:
    Hmmm, I’m in the middle, I guess. I think it’s either a ploy to get more to read her works (since she knows that many have either LOVED or totally disliked the Twilight series) but on the other hand, it will give the world a chance to see what kind of writer she is, step away from the vamps, and what do we have left? I’ll probably give her a try again out of curiosity 🙂

    On Midnight Sun, I’m a little…annoyed. Sure, I am in that group that dislikes Twilight, but I can see the slim interest for those who love the book to want to see it in Edward’s point of view. I do have the view that Meyer was…kind of in this re-telling of the story for the money, I mean, why else would you re-write the same story and then, when a bit of it slipped out, refuse to publish it? I don’t think I would do that. The point of writing, in my opinion, is not to make all the money you can, it is to tell a story you are passionate about. If this was Meyer’s perspective, then it shouldn’t have mattered if a bit of it leaked or not, even if it cut into her profits slightly. I mean with 4 (or is it 5, with the Host?) books and 3 movies, she is definitely well off 🙂

    On camps:
    I would love to go to a Hogwarts camp! xD Though this might be difficult to do, seeing as I haven’t seen any magic castles, wands, or Diagon alley’s anywhere (though that might just be because I’m a muggle, I think it’s because they don’t exist…)

    I do also think that going to Camp Half-Blood would be awesome, but I’m too old 😦

    Well, I guess that’s my say, feel free to do with it what you wish, inkpoppers 🙂


  3. MIC said

    On Meyer:

    It’s an extremely smart career move for Stephanie to back off on the
    vampires for a bit. I would definitely read Midnight Sun if it came out. I think
    everyone would … either secretly or publicly … yes, even you, Evie …

    I want Stephanie to come out with a sequel to The Host! I loved that book … I thought
    the whole concept was freakishly brilliant.

  4. Emma said

    If she is stopping with the vampire books does that mean she is going to start writing the Seeker? (Supposedly she is thinking of writing THREE “Host” books) I hope so; as they were of better quality then Twilight to me (even though less people liked them :/)

  5. HoodedEmo said

    Wise decision in my opinion. And no I would not get Midnight Sun. Honestly, I used to be a big fan of Twilight, but lately I have seen what all the haters are talking about. I don’t hate the series, but I don’t love it either. (Also not a fan.)

    *Shrieks* CHUCKIE!!! 😛 That’s funny, my little sisters have been watching every episode of the Rugrats everyday for the last week. I’d love to dress like Gaz from Invader Zim, she’s just so awesome. I miss those shows, and Aaaah!!!! Real Monsters! Nickelodeon was best in the 90’s.

    *points* I agree with Evie, I’d def go to a HUNGER GAMES camp. Oh great, now you got me imagining every little detail of an imaginary camp. xD

  6. Xanadu said

    “she wants to retain the integrity of her writing;”


    I think it was a very smart career move for Stephanie Meyer to have Midnight Sun released. The whole thing smells of publicity stunt, really. Not just the book premise itself–really, Edward’s point of view? The book was boring enough when Bella was self-centering on herself, now Edward’s gonna be doing it too–but the whole fact there was a ‘leak’. I know it’s not a popular idea, but I’ve always believed she personally arranged the leak.

    I read the Twilight series because my friends insisted ‘It gets better’. It didn’t. There is no way I’d read Midnight Sun. I was already dreading squealing fangirls at school telling me I couldn’t love reading because I hadn’t read the latest Twilight book. I danced the Macarena when this book was cancelled–I would not read it. (Yes, I’m a hater (mostly of the obsessive fangirls). Can you tell?)

    As for the cosplay–I mean, cartoon clothes, not something I’d wear, and not really an original idea. Does bring back nostalgic moments, though.

    Wish I could have seen the Ranger’s Apprentice camp. That’s an awesome series, and sounds like an awesome camp.

  7. Shirley R. Kleiner said

    Hmm, so the Host is great? I’ll have to read it 🙂 I’ve been meaning to for a whiiiiiile 🙂

  8. Nella said

    I’m glad she’s not writing about sparklepires anymore…Oh, God, the horror.

    In my opinion they should create a Danny Phantom line 😉

  9. drsheridan said

    Honestly, I don’t care about Meyer’s decision, because she can’t write well no matter what the topic. And I don’t think people will ever take her seriously as a writer, NO ONE was reading the Twilight series for the integrity of the writing. Because there was none. At all.

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