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Dealing with Writer’s Block: inktips from author Alice Kuipers

Posted by inkpopbecki on June 30, 2010

Writer’s block! Anyone who has ever written get this at some point or another. How you work through it, is definitely the key to your success as a writer. Alice Kuipers, author of the new book Lost for Words, has some advice. If you’d like hear more from Alice, join us for a live chat today at 5 p.m. EST on the inkpop forums.

Five Writing Tips to Help You Get Unstuck (when you’re lost for words):
Every writer sometimes suffers from writer’s block.  These five tips will help you get words on the page and help you restart your writing journey.


1)What you write doesn’t have to be perfect first time.  Think of your first draft as being only for you – enjoy the thrill of getting words on the page.  The second draft is when you start to edit, not before.

2) Don’t compare what you’re writing with anyone else’s work.

Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming to think of all the books and stories out there and faced with a blank page you can begin to wonder why you’re writing at all.  Remember, you are the ONLY one who can tell YOUR story YOUR way.  Write it.

3) Try freewriting.  With the blank page before you, put words upon it even if they make no sense or are repeated.  Write this way for ten minutes every day until you become unblocked.

4) Imagination + Observation = Inspiration.  Someone told me this once and it’s perfect advice to help you get unstuck.  If your imagination is feeling flat, then go and do some research

(observation) into the world around you, or the other way round – stop researching and let your imagination soar.  In this way, you’ll find inspiration.

5- Find a writing community.  Just as Sophie in Lost For Words finds Rosa-Leigh who kick-starts her poetry writing, use the wealth of other writers in the same position as you for advice and support.  Rant to them when you feel stuck and get their suggestions on what they do when they’re feeling blocked.
My website has loads more tips and exercises.
Good luck with your writing!

Want more, check out our live chat today at 5 p.m. EST on the inkpop forums. Also learn more about Alice Kuipers’ new book, Lost for Words.

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