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Help Us Redesign inkpop

Posted by inkpopbecki on July 2, 2010

Good day, inkpoppers! It’s Friday, which means, you guessed it, more questions about what you would like to see from us at inkpop. You can also fill out our survey or post ideas on our inkpop forum here.

1)      Many of you have talked about fixing the functionality of the site as being a great improvement that we could make. What are some of the functionality problems that you have experienced in the past that we might improve for you?

2)      Forums! Good gracious forums! We know we have a lot of work to do on the forums. What could we do to make forums an easier experience for you both in regards to communication as well as discovery?

3)      Many of you have talked about wanting more updates. What activities would you like to see messages about?

11 Responses to “Help Us Redesign inkpop”

  1. Evie said

    1) Our profiles have been lowercase for the past couple of months. That’s, I think, the number issue right now. We’re writers, and that annoys the heck out of most of us. But the function itself is fine. Also, when you quote people, or in the news feed, if there are quotes (“), then it ends up being symbols. Something weird like that.

    2) It needs to be organized. There needs to be a swap forum, a promotion forum, a character chat forum, etc… I’m short on time right now, but if anyone wants me to elaborate, let me know. I have a bunch of forums, and I’m OCD, so organizing forums is definitely something I can do. Also, mods need to be able to “move” threads to the proper location. For example, people start “Random” topics in the Promotion section…um, no. They belong in the Random section.

    3) Um…well, nothing’s really happening in the update section. I mean, no one’s getting published, or getting discovered, or anything like that, and that’s what we’re all wanting to see, because that’s what most of us are wanting in the long run. I think we need more stuff on publishing, and agents, and whatnot. You bring in authors, which is cool, but they can only tell us about their experiences. If you brought in agents and more editors, that would be so helpful. Especially if you brought in agents. A lot of us are doing the query process right now, and being able to talk with some agents would be great. I don’t know, I just think we need more about the publishing industry and agents on here.

    • HoodedEmo said

      *Points at Evie* You took the words right out of my mouth. 😀

    • Shirley R. Kleiner said

      Yeps, yeps and yeps! Goe Evie for alwaws knowing what to say 😀

    • Kristia S. said

      I definately agree with Evie on the agents and editor thingy! She took the thoughts right out of my brain! lol. I don’t really want to continue posting my projects if the possibly of not getting any farther into the publishing industry. So I think we need the possibility of agents going through our ptojects and maybe something might catch their eye. And say, “Hm maybe I should represent this piece? And help to get it published?” that would be very awesome! Cause there are plenty! Of publish worthy projects on this site. And it really pains my heart that the possibility of them not getting published. :/
      So yeah bring in agents and editors!!!

      With lots of love, Kristia S.<3
      God Bless<3

  2. Nella said

    I think the forums are fine as they are but I wish the CCs could have their own forum. I’m tired of them bumping out good threads.

  3. Nella said

    Also I would to be able to pick projects from my iPod.

    I want to have the option to turn off my ranking without making my book private. Some people don’t want to reach the Top 5 but they hate seeing their book and a pink arrow next to it.

  4. Laney said

    Could we possibly rearrange our projects? I dont want to make all of my poems or other stories private, but if people look at my page they have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see my newest book. It’d be nice to showcase it at the top since it is doing the best.

    • Shirley R. Kleiner said

      Oooo, yes to this too, great, Laney!

      I also have this problem I have about…21 projects, I think? xD And the only one I focus on is my book unless I’m poem swapping, or feel like having someone read something else. It’d be nice to move my book to the top.

  5. drsheridan said

    I would like to see the character chats have a different section completely. (maybe make a “fun stuff” section, where there could be character chats and other things to pass time.)

    also, please fix that lowercase thing. it’s driving me nuts.

    i’d like to see a way to rearrange the projects, too, so we can put certain things ahead of others without having to re-upload things. and linking projects together, if an author’s written a series, would be helpful.

  6. kjanco7 said

    I’d like many more genres. Here’s a list of some I thought of the top of my head.

    Cyber Punk
    All other Punks
    Techno Thriller
    Roman a Clef
    Popular Fiction (It is not the same as General Fiction!)

    And my profile has been all lower case for a couple of months now. Which makes me very, very, angry since I am VERY ODC.

    Rearranging projects would be lovely.

    Character chats need it’s own section. In fact, I think all forums should have a label, and make it more organized please!

    More agents and publishers for Harper Collins, of course. We want to be on here for a reason and benefit our future, since many of us can’t get in the top 5.

    Be more particular in the guidelines. What does ‘explicit sexual content,’ mean anyway?


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