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We’re Redesigning inkpop

Posted by inkpopbecki on July 9, 2010

Alright guys, we thought we would mix things up a little bit this week and address some of the changes that will soon be coming to inkpop. We wanted to acknowledge that we have been listening to you and some of the changes you requested are in the process of being made.

First you can start looking for changes sometimes towards the middle of October. I know that seems really far away, school will already be back in session and we will have at least three more top picks. We know! Such is development time.

Now on to the fun news:

  • Private Messages: Now you can send a private as well as a public message to your friends on inkpop.
  • Swap Box: You want it, you got it. Now you will officially know who is and is not open for swaps
  • Categories: We are helping you out by breaking the site up into sections. Now you can judge fiction, nonfiction and poetry separately, each having a shot at their very own Top Picks list.
  • Helpful Comment: Tired of all of those one word, or just “Nice Job” comments? Well now you can let people know. You can rate a comment on a 1-5 star basis.

More to come. Please keep us posted on changes you would like to see to the site. Feel free to post in our forum.

24 Responses to “We’re Redesigning inkpop”

  1. Dee said


  2. Laney said

    Woohoo! Finally some change!

    I am excited about the catagories! Its more fair to all people, whether they right poetry or fiction, and great for the nonfiction too!

    But darn, we have to wait until October! Ahh well at least things will get better! 🙂


  3. Redhead said

    Yes! Finally!

  4. Izzy G. said

    *happy dance*

  5. Redhead said

    Oops, I commented twice- I thought it didn’t work when I had used the name ‘Dee’ =P Sorry ’bout that.

  6. HobbitFeet said

    This is good. My job as a moderator will be a million times easier with the private messaging system. The comment rating system will also force people to fairly get to the top 5. The separate top picks is also very good; poetry and nonfiction will have a shot at getting seen now. I am excited to see what further changes are to come to this site!

  7. FINALLY! I wish we didn’t have to wait so long though, especially for the swap box. Oh well. Maybe if we beg enough, developers will hurry up. ;D
    Thanks for listening though! This is going to be great!
    Okay everyone, don’t send in any tech issues until after everything is done, maybe they’ll be able to spend more time on improvements. And hey, you! Yes you, go organize a revolution! And YOU! Get over here! I need you to…

  8. Peyton said


    Izzy took my happy dance.

    *Does Irish dance*


  9. Evie said

    Thanks for trying to help with the site, but I have a few concerns:

    1) Not sure why we need this. That’s just asking for more “let’s talk about this privately because…why?” *shrugs* I don’t know. I just think the only people who need private messages are the admins.

    2) Does this also mean there are going to be consequences for those who ask for hundreds of swaps, and never do any of them? We were told that the admins can’t do anything about immoral swappers because we invented swapping, but now it looks like swapping will become a permanent element, so will that be changing also?

    3) What about short stories? Are those still going to be ranked with books? If not, then we’ll have to do something about all the “books-in-progress” that are uploaded as short stories. If not, then it’s not really fair to the short stories. If everyone else gets their own category why not them? There are way more short stories than nonfiction. In all the 1600+ projects I’ve read, I’ve seen maybe 2-3 nonfiction books. So why do we need to do nonfiction, and not short stories?

    4) What’s going to happen with the rating comments? If they’re rated, what good does it do? Will it posted on the person’s profile or something? If it’s just going to be on that comment, I don’t see what that’s going to change. People won’t all of a sudden start caring about how high their comments are going to be, right? If they’re lazy and only want “nice job” then that’s what they’re going to say. A limit to word count (say a minimum of 10 words) would at least make someone think a little more. Ratings aren’t going to make people give a writer more. It’s just one more thing that I think is unneeded. I mean, out of the thousands of comments given a day, who’s really going to rate them all? What about the people who give great comments, but not often, and there comments go unrated? The only way to make that fair, and to ensure that everyone gets rated, is to make it automatic, which wouldn’t work because you have the people who write long comments full of crap, those with nothing but praise, and then those who spend paragraphs telling the writer they suck.

    I don’t see anything about the character chats on here. You’ve told us that you’re working on something, but here’s the thing: they can have their own thread all they want, but if they’re still going to be in the newsfeed, it’s pointless. If you can’t ban them from the newsfeed, the hottest threads, and all the other threads, then they need to be banned from the site. Come October, the site’s going to be dead with character chats. I really don’t think the admins truly understand how detrimental they are to the site. You say they help some members with their characters and writing, but have you actually read them? There’s a new one every second. And people need to actually write to perfect their skill, not just put a few character chat lines down. Besides, there are sites specifically for character chatting. Look, how many people actually character chat? About 20, if that. Two people can clog the site by themselves for hours. How many people is that affecting? Hundreds. Thousands? If these few people are more important than the site as a whole, this site is going to go downhill fast. It already is because of this. And you know what, all you character chat people reading this, I don’t care what you think. The site is more important than your little character chats. InkPoppers made a whole other forum just for you guys, and if you can’t go over there, at least temporarily until the admins fix this, then you’re extremely selfish. I know I’m sounding completely rude right now, but if the changes are going to happen for months…that’s ample time for the site to become InkPop: A Character Chat Site instead of what it’s supposed to be. It’s already past halfway to that. I mean, you only see us complain to you, but do you have any idea how many “STOP THE CHARACTER CHATS!!!!!!” threads I’ve locked just in the past month??? At least 15. And then there’s ones I haven’t locked. If you don’t think they’re affecting the site negatively, then…I don’t know. I guess there’s not hope for the site at all.

    Also, I think we really need to look back into Dain Broadbent’s idea of an Inkies Board. Dang, you guys, we fell… -_- Whatever happened to our meetings??? While I know we all appreciate you all are trying to help the site, to be honest, you don’t know what’s best because you’re not on for hours. Those of us who are on for hours and have been apart of InkPop for months, know what’s best. We know what will work and what won’t. We know what’s best for the site as a whole, not just want “sounds cool.” I really think you should get a board together of all different types of inkies (boys, girls, fiction writers, short storiest (haha!), poets, older members, newer members, those who spend loads of time on the forums, those who solely work to promote their book, etc) and let us go through all the ideas, pros and cons and whatnot, and then hand them over to you to see if that’s something we can do, and something you’re willing to do.

    Okay, so I wrote a book… :O Sorry, I just had a lot to say. I’m getting very frustrated, and I probably have no right to, but I just can’t help it. Sorry if anything’s too rude.

    • Evie said

      Sorry, typo in #3: “If so,” the first time… 🙂

    • Evie said

      Crap, there are a lot of typos… 😐

    • HobbitFeet said

      Evie does bring up a lot of fantastic points here. I agree with everything she said, now that I think of it. Especially about the Character Chats, I couldn’t agree more. Some of it might have been a little rude, but all of it needed to be said. Admins, please consider what she is saying.

    • 1) A lot of people requested private messaging. Most social networks have it, so it seemed like a natural element to add. You can go in and count up how many people in the forum alone requested it.
      2) Well, swaps will be a little more official. We are also giving you the ability to reward a badge for those who exchange swaps promptly. The badge will keep a running total for every time it’s rewarded. So a person who has been awarded the swap badge 150 times could be considered a good swapper. People who only have one or two might not be considered as dependable. But will be suspend people who are not keeping up with their swapping, no! That is still unfair and hard to judge. We really are relying on the users to keep one another honest, but I have faith you can do it!
      3) Short stories will still be a part of books, yes. We will be adding a new element for books in progress. We’ll talk about that next week.
      4) We are going to start a new leader board for critics much like trendsetters. So now people can find others who are really good at reviewing and ask them for honest feedback.
      5) We’re working on the forum issue. I know how frustrating character chats are to some, but obviously they are engaging to others (otherwise why would there be so many) so we don’t want to punish those who want to engage in them. We are going to try to revise the forums to make them less prominent, but that development is still in flux so I can make no promises right now as to what we will and will not be able to do.
      We are trying to be as diplomatic as possible about the decisions we are making. We don’t want to pick and chose a board because obviously that will promote exclusivity and that’s not something we want. We want everyone to have a voice, which is why we’re putting out surveys, blog post and forums. I think you’ll pretty much see that all of these revisions are based on the desires of the community. We’re tracking this pretty closely. Keep posting and getting your opinions out there. We definitely appreciate it and we want to hear from you.

      • Evie said

        Thanks, Becki! And I really mean that. I hope I don’t come off as rude or ungrateful, because I am truly grateful for everything you guys are doing for the site. It’s just, when I feel strongly about things that are a part of my life everyday for hours, stuff just comes out.

        Here are my thoughts, and of course they’re just my opinion.

        1) I saw that a lot of people requested private messages, but a lot of people are requesting a lot of things. Like our profiles being in all lowercase. When can we expect that to be fixed? In my opinion (and of course this is just my opinion only), I think we need to look at what’s best for the site and not just what some people want. For every thing someone agrees with, there’s a person who doesn’t. Whether or not they post their opinions is one thing. And…they probably didn’t see all the suggestions because the character chats knock them out. haha! 😉 So we can’t just all of a sudden say, “Oh hey, ten people agreed with private messaging, let’s add it.” I guarantee there are twice as many people who don’t agree, and just didn’t post their opinion. That happens a lot. People don’t post in threads if they don’t agree just because they don’t want to start an argument.
        2) So…what if we swap a lot, and we hold up our end, will we be considered a “better” swapper than those who don’t swap as much but still are always holding up their end with great comments and whatnot? If so, that doesn’t seem too fair. People who don’t swap as much shouldn’t not be considered a dependable swapper, and people who swap a lot shouldn’t automatically be considered a “good” swapper if they get badges. Also, it seems kind of…*thinks of word* too much of a hassle to reward a badge every time we swap with someone. I know I’d be the one not to worry about it, and I know there would be many others, so what would happen then? If only a few people decide to actually give badges to a few select people? We’ll still have the dependable swappers going unnoticed. And then people could rate swappers who give one-lined comments high and give them badges, but should they really be considered dependable as opposed to those who leave detailed comments during swaps? Just because they left a one-liner doesn’t mean they actually held up their end of the swap. I just don’t know. There are thousands of members, and there are bound to be those who go unnoticed, but are still dependable, and I don’t think that’s too fair.
        3) You’ll probably answer this next week then, but I’m wondering why. Why do poems get their own category, but not short stories? That doesn’t seem too fair. Short stories aren’t books, so why should they be ranked with them when they others aren’t. And what about essays? Will that go with non-fiction? And the books-in-progress is definitely something the site needs because short stories need their category back for sure.
        4) Okay, and how is that going to work? Only if their comments get rated? What about those who are hardly on, or hardly review, but leave amazing comments? Will they just go unnoticed? I’m still not understanding what the rated comments are going to do. If the point is to get others to leave more than a “nice job,” it won’t work, just like our trendsetter rankings don’t make people want to read to read and help out projects. I don’t know…I’m just not understanding, I guess. It just seems like more rankings that’s going to cause more competition to me.
        5) Please don’t think I’m rude here (gah, it’s not my intention -_-), but there’s only so many because the same few people make multiple ones because they get bored of the others. It’s not because a lot of people participate in them. They don’t even let others join in after a few pages. Just because there are a lot doesn’t mean they’re popular to the site. They’re popular to a few select people that can easily move to the other site. We have to look at what’s more important here. Those few people who character chat, or the site as a whole. With every site, people have to make sacrifices if the site is going to stay strong. Banning them is not punishing the people who do them because they is a whole site made by inkpoppers just for that. If they care more about character chatting than they do about InkPop, then they shouldn’t be on this site doing that. If they can’t get out of the newsfeed or anything else, the site is going to fail. It just is. I don’t think you were here when CCs first started, but if you notice what they were then and then now, you’ll see why they’re ruining the site. Before, there were maybe 2-3 total, now 2-3 are being made an hour! Imagine what it’ll be in the next few months.
        6) To be honest, I don’t think a board promotes exclusivity at all. That’s why I said get people from all over InkPop, not just the “popular” ones. Then they’d be able to take what all of the inkpoppers are saying, weigh the pros and cons, discuss it with the inkpoppers, etc. See, the thing is, you have these things that are helpful, but you still aren’t online like the rest of us are to really, truly get a feel for how things run. Just because people would like to see things, doesn’t mean it’d work for the site. Having people who are online all the time and whatnot would be able to see that. We (Dain’s rookie testing Inkie Board) had talked about this before, and we really had a lot going. We were able to discuss things that were in the suggestion box, weigh the pros and cons, see what would work and what wouldn’t. It was never about exclusivity, it was about getting the right things done. And we wanted it to where every category, genre, and type of member was represented. And we all had completely different opinions on things, but it worked out really well. All big sites have a group of admins and mods. We have mods that are just for the forums, but the difference here is that the admins aren’t really a part of the community like they are on the other sites. You guys are very helpful (EXTREMELY helpful), but what I mean is that, on other sites, the admins are on all day long, just like regular members. The members on here wouldn’t even have to know who the inkies board was. There could be a whole separate account. My point is that suggestions can be posted all the time, but if they’re not discussed with people who are actually on all the time, and who really know what can work for the site, then we’re just going to be stuck with a lot of “well, inkies wanted this, so we gave it to them” instead of “a few inkies suggested this, and let’s see if it’d work for the site. Pros? Cons? Etc…”

        Again, I REALLY don’t mean to be rude at all. I really don’t. I’m extremely grateful that you guys are trying all you can. Hopefully everything works out.

    • Redhead said

      ^ Agree.

    • Nella said

      You tell them Evie! :]

  10. Nella said

    I didn’t see anything about my voting system -sniff- I guess inkpop’s not ready to handle that.

  11. JRVSmith said

    While I think it’s great that poetry and nonfiction are getting their own shot at the glory, top 15 of the month doesn’t sound nearly as enticing, special, or rewarding as top 5. Not only that, but wouldn’t HC reviews take even longer?

  12. drsheridan said

    these changes sound great! i love the swap box idea, it’ll be much easier than having to send messages!

  13. Kristen Ahrens said

    Ohhhh, this is so exciting! Thank you so much! 😀

  14. Fairytaled said


    I strongly agree with what Evie has said.

    1) I think we should get polls into the forums so that we can vote on these proposed ideas to see what the general inkpoppers think about the idea.

    2) I understand that there is demand for some things but are they really that practical for things like private messages promotes gossiping and more drama than needed. Kevin Wong, anyone? You can’t really moderate pm’s, just because it adds to site appeal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s appropriate.

    Also with Pm’s, is it possible to only receive pm’s from friends only and still have open messages for swap requests and things like that. I don’t want an inbox full of spam.

    3) With Book’s in progress, if these feature is made possible (I’d love it too), maybe people shouldn’t be able to be pick them but comment and critique these work in progresses.

    Some people aren’t interested in picks maybe you should give them the option for there work not to be picked, like previous top five’s as well, so you can just use inkpop as a feedback tool.

    4) The swap box shouldn’t be the rate of which you swap but your reliability, I know this would be harder to code and figure out but it would be a better feature to rely on rather than I skim through your work give you a quick comment and I then become a ‘good’ person to swap with.

    -Also, I would really appreciate if you bought in a system for beta-reading and critique partners like and

    Lastly, a big thank you for reading my rant and I have no intention to be rude, so please and thank you!


  15. This sounds great…Any way we can get capital letters on our profiles, too? We’re writers. I’m really, really sure we can handle capital letters. And it drives some of us proof-reading people crazy. 😉

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