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inkpop Redesign

Posted by inkpopbecki on July 16, 2010

We have some new updates for you, which I hope you will be equally as excited to hear about. As you know we are hard at work in our factory to bring you exactly the type of site you desire. Don’t forget you can all be heard by filling out our survey or posting ideas on our inkpop forum here . Some have expressed concern that not everyone in the community is being heard. They’re afraid that users are not getting into the discussion because they do not read the blog. Well, we’ve been trying to send messages to everyone, but if you can get the word out on this as well, that would be a huge help. In the meantime, more site updates

1)  Bookmark: Ever had to stop a project mid-chapter because you had to go to dinner or do some homework? Many of you said you wished there was a way that you could pick up where you  left off. Well now you’ll be able to. Every project is now going to have a bookmarking feature, so you can actually return directly to the page you were on the next time you come back a project.

2)  Those pesky Lower Case Letters: We hear ya! It’s annoying. So sorry that this bug fix has not been made yet, but we’re going to do it. Don’t worry. We’re making this change.

3)  Character Chats: I know there has been a lot of back and forth complaining about character chats. Well we have some good news for all involved. No, character chats will not going away, but we are going to have a new forum system that is going to make it easier for us to maintain character chats in one particular area. For those who like character chats, this will make it easier for you to find them. For those that don’t this will make it easier for you to avoid them. We are also going to try to limit their feed time in Happening Now so every forum has a chance to shine.

Want something that we haven’t talked about yet? Let us know. Go to the forums, message inkpopBeck or inkpopErika or simply fill out the survey.

15 Responses to “inkpop Redesign”

  1. Peyton said

    (First comment! Whooh!)

    Ah, I haven’t heard of this idea. Hey, it’ll be really helpful too some people. Clever, clever, clever. I want to know who thought of this idea. 🙂


    Well. I can see how this may work, but I’m not so sure. We will just have to see, I guess.

  2. MIC said

    Bookmark idea= BRILLIANT!!!!!

    Lowercase letters= not life threatening, but a LOT of members will be extremely happy 🙂

    Character Chats= So So So many people will be stoked about this. Looks like a good balance between keeping the CC traffic on the site and moving it out of the main newsfeed.

  3. Dee said

    Yess!! Perfect! =D

  4. Escaping said

    what about a swap or read list, or would that be part of the bookmark idea.

  5. Autumn said

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    *Runs around screaming*

    I am so stoked about the character chats…and the lowercase letter glitch 😀 😀 😀

    Thanks for doing this, Inkpop!

  6. rainshadow said

    Yup, all thank me for my amazing idea of bookmarks XD OK, it wasn’t all mine, but I said to Amy quite a few months ago about it and she said she’ll ask the inkpop team XD

    I think the character chat clean up thing is amazing – YAY!! I hate cc’s, I can’t stand them, so this is good for people who believe like me 🙂

  7. Narnia Fan said

    1) YAYYYY! 😀

    2) Yesss!!!

    3) Okay, cool. 🙂

    Thanks so much for all your hard work! We appreciate it!

  8. Evie said

    See, now these are things that are definitely beneficial to the site…I know #2 and #3 are things 90% of the site have been asking for. #1, I’ve never seen anyone suggest, but it’s perfect for the site. It adds nothing negative. These are the types of things that the site needs, not things that are going to be full of cons and add tons of drama.

    • Nella said

      I agree. These are the changes I’ve been waiting to see. I’m excited for the bookmarks, sounds exciting.

    • Sila said

      Evie took the word right outta my mouth. This is what I have been waiting for! Many of the previous suggested changes only stood to add to what I call “Inkpop Politics”. These changes are beneficial, but best of neutral to all parties.

      Fantastic work Becki and Erika! I’m excited to see how the bookmark feature will pan out, as well as how the Character Chats will be handled.

    • omxcaro said

      I’ll been asking for the bookmark thing a while ago. so i’m happy its here (:

      • Evie said

        I’m happy it’s coming, too. What I meant was that it hasn’t been something that has been requested by the community like the other two have. And that’s a good thing because it shows how the whole community doesn’t have to suggest changes that are good for the site. It’s shows that one person can suggest something that could be a great addition to the site without negative effects. While 100s of people can ask for something else that isn’t going to work, and will cause a ton of problems.

  9. kjanco7 said

    A good suggestion: maybe we could have a new format of ‘preview’ for a book preview, a snippet of it, or a swap-size of our book including the first four chapters or so. And more genres!


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