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Posted by inkpopbecki on July 23, 2010

Alright, so I know that we usually use this space to tell you about all the new and great features that are coming to the site, but this week we thought we’d update you on something that has caused a lot of confusion around the site, trendsetter rankings.

Since we launched a lot of questions have come in asking us to clarify how trendsetting rankings are determined, so here we go.

Say every project on inkpop has a point value. Just to simplify this example we’ll say that every project has 44 points. If am the first person to put a project on my pick list, I have the potential to earn 44 points.  So after putting the project on my pick list, I go out and tell my friend inkpopErika how awesome this project is. When she reads it, she totally agrees and puts it on her pick list. Now I get a point towards my trendsetter ranking. A third person puts the project on their pick list and now Erika gets a point and I get a second point. This happens up to 44 times, at which time project has awarded all of its trendsetter points.

If at any time you take this project off your list, you receive no more points, though the points you earned by having this project on your list do not disappear.

In the coming months we’re hoping to make this process much more transparent.

4 Responses to “inkpop Redesign”

  1. Evie said

    Sadly, that’s not how it works. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to, but it doesn’t. People don’t read and add books because they like the book. They add whatever books the top trendsetters have so they can increase their ranking. Half of the time, the books aren’t even read. Very few trendsetters promote for books they like. Very few. Say Trendsetter #1 picks a book first, everyone who has a decent rank, or who is interested in rising their rank, race to get the next few picks. That’s how it always is.

    • Shirley R. Kleiner said

      Thank you so much for clarifying this, Becki, though I do agree with Evie, I only pick things I’ve read and like, and don’t really “work” on my TR, it just is xD I would like the process to be changed eventually, but I can see if that would be a nightmare to organize. Thanks so much for sharing how this works, though, I appreciate it!

    • HobbitFeet said

      I have to agree with Evie, the system doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. It isn’t about liking a book, it’s about what books you pick. If I wanted to, I could become a top trendsetter – or not far from – if I started to pick whatever books they pick without reading them. It would work; anyone could do this.

  2. brenna said

    Really, I don’t fully understand the whole point of trendsetter rankings. What are te benefits if you are number 1? Is it really just a prideful thing, or do you even get anything? It seems to almost have no point. But of course this is coming from someone who has not been ranked…

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