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WWC: (24) Days of Summer

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on July 31, 2010


Congratulations to Emma Halmhofer for her outstanding entry Tunnel Ghouls!

Shout out to the Honorable Mentions for a commendable job well done!
Silverherring for The (Prehistoric) Adventures of Orf: The Mystery of the Bloodless Body
Ceffyldwfr for Of the Mind

Congratulations to all of you!

(24) Days of Summer is an end of summer challenge extravaganza hosted by the Weekly Writer’s Challenge.

The Concept

The idea behind this came from a suggestion to have a “Scramble Challenge,” in which participants can mix and match given topics, genres, and formats to create their own challenges. What the (24) Days of Summer will do is essentially just that. Participants get a list of genres, topics, locations, and formats. There will be a general set of rules that will be applied to each “challenge.”

Participants have 24 days to accomplish a minimum of 10 challenges (but should strive to complete all 12) to be eligible to win the prizes. At the end of the 24 days a panel of judges will read all the entries and decide on a winner.

The Finer Details

Okay technically there aren’t 12 challenges, it’s really just one super huge challenge that consists of 12 mini challenges.

Participants will get a list of 12 genres, 12 Locations, and 12 topics. They must take one from each of those three lists and combine them into an entry. They will also be able to choose from a list of 4 formats that they can use.

Also each mini challenge will come with a set of random items that have to somehow make an appearance in their entries. For example, for “Challenge One” the random items might be ice, the color red, and fried chicken. The participant is to take those three items and mix them in any which way they want.

The Entry Rules

It’s very important that all the entries follow these rules.

★ 300 word MIN/8,000 word MAX
★ All entries must use the assigned random items
★ All entries must use one genre, one location, and one topic.
★ Each entry must have an original title
★ A participant must complete at least 10 Challenges
★ All entries must be submitted as a whole unit in the form of a “book.”

The Submission Process

Because each participant will be submitting a minimum of 10 entries, to make it easier on the judges, everything will be submitted as one large entry.

So rather than submitting everything separately, participants will be combining all of their entries as a “book” with each chapter being a seperate entry.

Each participant should title their book in the following manner: (24) Days of [insert something here] You can choose anything you want to insert. For example if I was participating in this challenge I know that I would probably be drinking lots of coffee. So I would title my book (24) Days of Starbucks.

The Lists

General Fiction
Non Fiction

Summer School
Ice Cream Shoppe
Foreign Country
Desert Island
Shopping Mall
Fast Food Eatery
A Cave

Summer Job
Family Drama
Losing a Friend
Moving Away
Getting Lost
Sneaking Out
Over indulgence
Falling out of love
Misusing Magic

Short Story
Screen Play
Journal Entry

★ Launch Date: Sunday, August 1, 2010
★ Due Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2010 by 11:59 PM (Pacific Time)

Post links to all entries in the (24) Days of Summer Thread.

Should you have any questions regarding this challenge please e-mail, or visit the Weekly Writer’s Challenge inkpop Profile.


The WWC is looking for judges for the (24) Days of Summer! Interested? Check our judges thread and drop us a line!

Good luck inkpoppers!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

12 Responses to “WWC: (24) Days of Summer”

  1. Sila said

    To anyone wondering about those random items that were mentioned, they will be revealed when the challenge launches.

  2. Nella said

    Sounds so cool yet so hard!

    • Sila said

      Yeah, it is hard. But at least you pretty much have total control over what you write. 🙂

      Also I’m thinking of changing the number of challenges to 8 or 9.

  3. Elli said

    Im so confused it isn’t even funny

    • Sila said

      Allow me to help. What’s confusing you?

      • Elli said

        Well, for starters, how many of each catigory (horrible, horrible speller, Im ashaimed.) do we chose? Thanks 😀

      • Sila said

        From each list you can only use each thing once. With the exception of the formats list. There you have the option of using each multiple times.

  4. Michelle said

    Are we allowed to repeat genres or no?

    • Sila said

      No. The object is to use each one. Although you can use some as subgenres. For example: say you have used Romance and still need to use Action. Well use action as your main genre and throw in romance as a sub.

      Make sense?

  5. Silvia said

    For every entry do we have to tell what genre/topic we’re using?

  6. A said

    When is the challenge going to be launched?

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