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What’s Your Legacy?: Inside the Mind of Pittacus Lore

Posted by inkpopbecki on August 6, 2010

Mystery is something many authors cultivate. Today we have a special post from a mysterious author we know only as Pittacus Lore. His new book, I Am Number Four, is the first in the Lorien Legacy series. Want to know more about legacies and perhaps write your own? Join our Lorien Legacy challenge or check out the site

What inspired you to tell the story of the Lorien Nine now?
I am telling the story of the Lorien and the Nine and the war with the Mogadorian now so you’re aware of the battle about to be waged and so you don’t allow the same thing that happened to us, happen to you. I am trying to find the remaining six and unite them. They are either hiding or fighting alone, and I don’t know where all of them are or under what pretense they are living. They may be walking past you right now, or sitting near you, or watching you as you read this. They may be in your city, your town. If they are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, they are living anonymously, training, and waiting for the day when they will find each other and make their last stand stand together.

At the end of I Am Number Four, why did Six seek Four even though she knew it would break the Lorien spell?
There are many things that are unknown to the Nine that came to Earth with their guardians. Where the others are hiding, what legacies their companions have, if they’ve developed these legacies yet, and even what their own special skills and talents will be—these are all questions to the remaining Lorien on Earth. Yet the one thing they know for sure is, when they each develop their unique strengths, and then come together to fight, they will form a strong, determined, and united front against the Mogadorian. For years the Nine have remained in hiding, waiting, training, letting their legacies develop—and Six understood that the time had come to join forces; that the time had come for them to take action. The Lorien who have survived so far have always known that a moment would come when it was time to stop running, and for the hunted to become the hunters.

Why do the Mogadorian seek to destroy you?
The Mogadorian are a vicious, bloodthirsty, ruthless race, and when they attacked Lorien they did so out of desperation, having destroyed their own planet and needing a new one to take over. The closest life-sustaining planet to Mogaore was Lorien—and they were determined to wipe out the entire Lorien population in a drastic effort to claim the planet as their own. It was a well-planned attack, the Mogadorian are brilliant strategists when it comes to war, and they struck when the elders were gone, when the planet’s defenses were down. Still, despite their brilliance, the one thing they didn’t count on was the ship ready to take nine children and their guardians to safety; the ship that brought them all to Earth. The Mogadorian followed them and have been hunting the Nine ever since, hoping to capture and kill them before the children developed their legacies. They know it will only get harder the more developed the Nine are, and that when the Nine are fully mature the war will be waged and revenge will be sought. Defeating the Mogadorian will not be easy, and there will be scenes of great carnage. We will do our best to spare humans, and protect them, though it may not always be possible. For that, I am sorry.

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