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inkpopper of the Week: ashlutz

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on August 9, 2010

“Okay, actually interesting facts? Oh boy. I live in Nottingham, England. In September I will restart university in a different city. Although I started university last September I disliked it, dropped out and am now going to a bigger, better university in one of my favourite cities in the world – Leeds. I bop around, mostly, and just finished a run of Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street in my community theatre in the city. It was a lot of fun. So I suppose, drama is my main hobby. Drama and writing. At Leeds Uni I am doing International Relations, which is a bit different to the rest of my life (this choice also caused my mother to go absolutely mental when I dropped out of uni). Ah, I always forget about Parkour. Yeah, that’s my main exercise output. I like to run up buildings…”

And when she’s not running up buildings? Well, Ash (aka ashlutz) is putting pen to paper creating stories that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing – like In the Middle of Nowhere and Not Even Romantically Involved with a Glittery Vampire, which was named a July 2010 Top Pick right here on inkpop, and is now nestled on the desk of a HarperCollins Editor for review. And what does Ash have to say as she awaits this review? “Gosh, I hope they find it funny. Funny is all I have! There’s something stupidly exciting about having a real editor look at your work. So, anyways, I hope it will entertain them, even if it’s just a little bit.”

A lot of people have commented on the length of your project’s title (I personally love it). Do you feel that having such a long title has made people more or less interested in your project – why or why not? What misconceptions do you feel many readers have about your project based solely on the title?

Ash:The long title was probably the cleverest thing I could’ve done. I couldn’t tell you how many people’s comments started with I read this because of the title. It’s a humour book. It needed a humour title. The first title it had was Colorado Springs but that was when it was set in America and not Canada. Then it got changed to Ivy Mountain then Rees Mountain then finally BAM epiphany. I was sat there with my wonderful list of possible titles, which included Not Even Romantically Involved with a Glittery Vampire (it’s a line in the book), when I thought ‘meh, it can’t be too long, eh?’ So that’s how it happened. I know, man, you’d think there would’ve been a more interesting explanation. Misconceptions? People think I hate Twilight, which isn’t true. My point was; can you imagine how boring Twilight would’ve been with no vampires?

I do have another project up called Dear Liver, Just Deal With It which is also a funny title. I think humour novels need it. Though I decided to go with a shorter one this time.

Your main character Ivy is a character. In your profile you mention that you are a snowboarder. Is Ivy based off of you and your personality in any way? How about your main character, Emily, from your new project Dear Liver, Just Deal With It? If so, how?

Ash:I’m not really a snowboarder anymore. I do more Parkour, which is free running. I do that about 3 times a week in the least. I don’t skateboard, that’s Ivy’s sport. I don’t think Ivy is like me at all. Emily is a pretty solid train crash. Although, her conversation topics are more like my own, I hope against hope that she and I are worlds apart. In all fairness, she is a kleptomaniac party-girl.

If In the Middle of Nowhere and Not Even Romantically Involved with a Glittery Vampire was made into a movie, what actors/actresses would you like to see star in it and why?

Ash:Oh gosh, it would be the worst film ever! =D. Ivy’s narrative is too strong for a film. It’s definitely a book book. I can’t cast anybody in it; Ivy in my head is very specific to the point where I don’t think there’s anyone who looks like her.

What room is your favorite to write in and why?

Ash:My bedroom. It’s weird, but I get embarrassed by my writing. It doesn’t happen so much now, but I didn’t want my parentals to know I did it. So if my mum came into the room while I was writing, I’d hide my notebook under the covers so she wouldn’t know. That’s kind of gone now. In fact, I was a smelly student this Easter, so gave my mum, my aunty and my 80-year-old uncle a copy of In the Middle of Nowhere… as a present.

Do you hope to make writing a career; or do you have other aspirations?

Ash:No, not at all. I write because it’s fun. But commas confuse me, you can’t be a writer if you don’t understand commas. I have other plans, which include moving out of England and getting a ginger cat called Dave.

If you could have a dinner party with five of your favorite authors who would they be and why?

Ash:Frances Hodgson Burnett, Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens (I don’t know why, I guess he’d be a laugh), Douglass Adams and Dick King Smith. Well I suppose, Douglass Adams would confuse Burnett, Alcott and Dickens with all his science-fiction talk… and Smith would feel left out. We’d probably eat muffins and drink tea, because I feel it appropriate for the Victorians.

How do you combat writer’s block? Do you have any tips for beating out writer’s block that you’d like to share with us?

Ash:Writer’s block is annoying as heck. In fact, I’m getting it right now because of this question. Well, when I get it, it’s usually about 4 in the morning. What I do, is listen to some music and go onto the insomniac’s thread on inkpop and get distracted by the awesome people there! =D

Anything else you’d like to add?

Ash:Yes, I love inkpop. =D
Also, for all you In the Middle of Nowhere fans, I have a new humour book called Dear Liver, Just Deal With It which is about 18-year-old Emily. She’s a loud, obnoxious, rude party animal with a joy for life. Her parents can’t handle her, her sister certainly can’t handle her, Emily’s not even sure she can handle herself. When her compulsive shoplifting starts to get out of hand, it leads her into new worlds.

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite quote? Oh it’s a real life quote.

Newsreader to earthquake victim who had been trapped under a building for six days without food or water, right after she’d been pulled out of the rubble of the bank where she worked.
Newsreader: “Did you think you would live?”
Haiti Woman: “Live? Why not?!”
She made me feel so happy about humanity.

What’s on your iPod? Florence + the Machine, Ke$ha (I have no idea why), Lau, Show of Hands and Kate Rusby.
New York City or Los Angeles? New York – because I’ve been there.
Favorite pizza topping? Tuna and sweetcorn from Pizza Hut… NOT DOMINOES.
If you were granted three wishes from a genie what would you ask for? A cat called Dave, a bike and three more wishes =D

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

10 Responses to “inkpopper of the Week: ashlutz”

  1. Autumn said


    Last night before I hit the sack, I kept thinking who was going to be the next Inkpopper of the Week. Glad it was you 🙂

    Great interview!

    -Autumn (whentherainfalls)

  2. Lycanthrope said

    Awesome interview 🙂 Congrats

  3. Laney said

    Aww!!! GO ASH!!! Great interview!! I loved it! ♥

  4. Marisa said

    Yay Ash!
    Awesome interview! 😀

  5. El Rustito Magnifico said

    Hooray for Ash! Nice interview. And hooray for Parkour, too.

  6. Ash said

    Awh thanks guys.

    I wish I had a better Parkour picture, there is no way I is getting up the wall with that positioning!

  7. Nella said

    Tuna pizza? 0.0
    well I do love anchovies on my pizza.
    WOO ASH 😀

  8. Jade said

    Where are all the cops chasing you in the parkour pic? 😛

  9. Meagan said

    I missed that this was up! WOOO

  10. Andy said

    Ashlutz, I’m totally unsurprised you’ve won this award. You’ve got a wealth of talent and potential, and your pieces are among the very best examples of how to write interesting chick-lit. Great interview, great work, keep it up!!

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