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WWC: Especially Ordinary

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on September 11, 2010


Looking back at past challenge topics, they were all off the wall and a little crazy. (Anyone remember the “Twisted Holiday” challenge?) The goal of those challenges was to get participants away from their usual comfort zone and thinking a little outside of the box. Now that we’ve managed to do that, we want to bring you all back to the basics. Good prose, use of description, character development, good dialogue, metaphors, hyperbole, personification, etcetera.

What this challenge will do is ask you to figure out your style as a writer, find your voice, and then wrap it all up in beautiful prose.

Especially Ordinary

★ Launch Date: Saturday, September 11th, 2010
★ Due Date: Sunday, September 19th, 2010 by 11.59 PM (Pacific Time)

Challenge Details

This week participants are asked to write about an ordinary occurrence in their lives that they found special. Perhaps an outing with friends to get some lunch, or a day at the beach, or getting a new notebook, or eating a piece of cake at midnight in a dark kitchen. Think of that occurrence and then translate in into words.

This week’s entry should give readers an idea of who the participants are as writers; what their individual styles are, as well as what their voice is. Be sure to think about your writing habits. For example, using lots of adjectives, using lots of metaphors, never using purple prose, writing extremely concise, etcetera.

Judges will be looking for individual style, good prose, good grammar, good handle of basic writing mechanics.


★ Formatting: Short Story or Essay
★ 700 word MIN/1,000 word MAX

Should you have any questions regarding this challenge please e-mail, or visit the Weekly Writer’s Challenge inkpop Profile.

Good luck inkpoppers!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

5 Responses to “WWC: Especially Ordinary”

  1. Nella said

    Sounds cool.

  2. LA Knight said

    I’ve been keeping a hawk’s eye on the site for almost a week waiting for this, lol. =)

  3. Tiny1 said

    Sounds good ^-^ I’m giving it a go.
    It’s harder than it looks :o)

  4. Weekly Writer's Challenge said

    Seems I forgot about the link to the challenge thread! Sorry about that folks!

    Here it is:

  5. LA Knight said

    didn’t have time, with work

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