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Balancing Writing and Editing: Inktips from Author and Editor Claudia Gabel

Posted by inkpopbecki on September 15, 2010

Editing, we know this is essential to creating to good piece of writing, but where does this fit in to the creative process. Author and Editor Claudia Gabel is here with some helpful tips. Want to hear more? Check out her live chat today at 5 p.m. EST on the inkpop forums.

1)    Before you write, always create an outline. Lots of authors hate doing this, because it’s difficult and time consuming. However, outlining also forces you to figure out the big plot points of your book in advance. Then the writing becomes much easier and there is less editing to do down the road.

2)    Avoid editing your story while you are writing. When you are penning your first draft, try not to pick it apart along the way. It will really slow you down and prevent you from making progress. Just keep moving forward, even if you feel some scenes aren’t working. You’ll have chance to edit once you’ve completed the manuscript.

3)    Take a break in between writing and editing. It’s really important to step back from your manuscript and give yourself some time off before you start editing it. You’ll need to replenish your energy so that you can return to your project with a fresh perspective.

4)    Write your own editorial letter. Reviewing your manuscript with a critical eye isn’t easy, but it certainly is necessary!  First, make a list of all the aspects of the book that you like. Then, break your book down into categories—characters, plot, pacing, tone, narrative voice, etc.—and write down any problem areas that you need to focus on and



5)    Don’t be too hard on yourself! When you are editing your book, try to imagine that that it was written by a friend. You’d deliver your feedback with courteousness and respect, right? Well, treat yourself the exact same way!

Check out her live chat today at 5 p.m. EST on the inkpop forums. Also check out Claudia’s new book Romeo & Juliet & Vampires.

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