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September 2010 Top Picks!

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on October 1, 2010

Though the month of September began as the dog days of summer, it has morphed into fall, inkpoppers; now, as we welcome in a new month and season, we wave goodbye to five Top Picks (selected by you!), as they make their way to the Editors Desk for review by inkpop’s prestigious Editorial Board!

So what five (5) projects were voted most popular for September 2010? Find out below!

inkpop September 2010 Top Picks:

The Hard Way To Learn A Lesson by Stephaniiie (Book – Romance / Humor)

Summer of Firsts by cyc (Book – General Fiction / Romance / Humor)

The Prank War by Kit_kat_00 (Book – General Fiction / Humor / Romance)

Jaded by IntoTheWoods (Book – Horror / Mystery / Paranormal / Romance)

Smashed by Broadway Baby (Book – General Fiction)

Congratulations to the September 2010 Top Pick authors! Once the Editorial Board has had the chance to review your project, you will receive a critique and feedback from a HarperCollins Editor.

In the meantime…five slots now stand empty. Does your project have what it takes to be an October 2010 Top Pick?

Speaking of Top Picks…what was your favorite September 2010 Top Pick? Did you find yourself learning a lesson alongside Danny and Kat in The Hard Way To Learn A Lesson? Were you lost in the romantic misadventures found in Summer of Firsts? Did the flashbacks in The Prank War leave you rolling on the floor laughing? Did you have to sleep with the light on after reading Jaded? Were you enraptured by the prose found within the pages of Smashed?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

One Response to “September 2010 Top Picks!”

  1. AmRy said

    My Favourite was defintely Summer of Firsts, no doubt about that ❤

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